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interesting fact of the day

Money – What Money?

What we always look at as “money” is not in fact what one would consider as something of value. Yes, the US Dollar is used in transactions and is legal tender, but beyond being accepted as money what is its value? “Money” in the current system is DEBT. If anyone took the time to see how banks create money they might be in for quite an awakening.

Speaking of money, these Central Banks seem to talk rather openly about Bitcoin and crypto even though they try to make it seem like it isn’t that relevant. If that is the case, then how do you explain CBDCs? What exactly is a CBDC?

Why Don’t You Own and Sell YOUR Data To Big Tech?

Big tech continues to plunder humanity of all data related to each person, yet people don’t seem to do much about it. Why don’t people simply control and sell their data to big tech?

Emerging Technology

There is some really fascinating yet creepy stuff coming out these days, and with COVID-19 who knows how far this will go. From deep learning to computer vision and 4K HDR, there’s no telling how far beyond just fingerprints they will go to try and track all of us at every point and minute of our lives. Unfortunately, big tech like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are in on this action.

TikTok Fame

Have you heard of Holly H? How about Mikey Williams the basketball legend? Tony Lopez ring a bell? What about Anna Kanyuk? You might consider diving into Tik Tok and other platforms such as Twitch to see who is becoming famous, and even wealthy, at a rapid clip and at a young age.

Defi and Smart Contracts?

What exactly is Tezos and DeFi and all this new technology?

Can You Actually Earn Interest On Bitcoin?

Yes, it is possible. You can learn more about that and what BlockFi is doing among others in this space.


Asteroid 1,227 is named Geranium. Speaking of those, the edge of the Ozone Layer smells faintly of geraniums.

Snacks and Nutrition and Your Sweet Tooth

Who’s in the mood for a high fructose corn syrup buzz? There are natural alternatives to that poison, but it always is best to control overall sugar consumption. Learn more about strawberries, watermelon, peanut butter, Coca Cola, and other snacks.

Tool – Only 13 Years, Not Such A Long Time After All

Abundantly unexampled artists Tool released their first studio album in more than 13 years on August 30, 2019. This is quite a lengthy amount of time for a multiple Grammy winning artist to go between releases. There were legal skirmishes and battles along the way and the long and meticulous artistic process to eat up chunks of time. The title track “Fear Inoculum” hit the streaming services in mid-August. And yes, Tool still blows your mind with the use of time signature in music while avoiding chasing the tail of dogma.

Tasmanian Tiger Wolf – It’s Neither, Nor Is It?

Actually, tasmanian tiger wolf most closely aligns with the kangaroo, though it looks like a combination of a tiger and wolf. The stripes are definitely there to make it look like that for sure.

A Lion or A Tiger???

Find out more by exploring images and pictures of the elusive Liger.

Light and Rain

Did you know that light travels 18 million times faster than rain?


Test your knowledge and skills with finding out how much you know about incredible places in our galaxy. Check in on Constellation Leo, Hollywood, Peru, Japan, and Thailand to see what you can learn.

Wait, What?

Jerome K. Jerome wrote Three Men In A Boat. The opening line is the following: “there were four of us”.


A new player is emerging. How much do you know about Tezos? Confused, perhaps even SMH and TBH considering sending a GIF on Twitter? Technology changes fast as does the internet. Bitcoin remains king and Tezos is emerging as gold is even less and less practical.


Like the bald eagle and little hummingbird, the pelican is an amazing creature among us on Earth.

Dogs, Cats, and the Lone Wolf

Check out some great information on the maned wolf.

Riding Crazy Dirt Bikes for Big Bucks

Any you thought scooters were a bit dangerous? Check out the Motocross and Supercross and what people like Eli Tomac are up to. This sport will get that blood pumping for sure, and you can watch it on a live stream somewhere.


So what’s up with fingerprints anyways? Can identical twins cover up a murder by confusing law enforcement with the fingerprints?


How big can frogs get? Just check out how big frogs can be and what they can move around with their size.

Vicious Hyenas

The female hyena just might be the most ruthless and vicious creature on planet Earth.

Names and Names

Guess what the first name ever was? All you have to do is ask TBH. The name of the first human SMH in Norse mythology was . . . . . . Ask! IKR!

4K HDR – What The Heck Is It?

4K HDR is the next generation in viewing pleasure in terms of technology. It is an enhanced level of quality for things like live streaming and television. There are plenty of interesting facts about 4K HDR along with all the growth in the market for live streaming services.

Fire Rainbow

What on Earth is a fire rainbow? Do you know the last time one was seen in the Boston area?

The Google Checking Account

First Facebook tries to copy the success of Bitcoin with the Facebook Libra, and now Google is offering checking accounts. Where is all this going?

Los Angeles Dodgers

The LA Dodgers are really on a run in 2019 and look set to make a big run at finally capturing that elusive World Series title. After getting bashed by the Boston Red Sox in the World Series last year, the Dodgers are back and better than ever. There are some very interesting facts about the Los Angeles Dodgers as well.

Twix Candy Bar

Twix, originally knows as the Raider bar, started actually in the United Kingdom in 1967. The Twix Triple Chocolate was released in 2018. Oh, and don’t overlook all those Twix recipes.

What’s Up With High Speed Rail, and Why Doesn’t America Have It?

Taiwan is approving mega-billion projects and it is commonplace throughout Europe and Asia. Yet, in the United States all that exists is a pile of excuses and endless bickering about high speed rail. People want convenience and time savings. Will this Dallas to Houston project actually get going and set a new trend?

Wolf Spiders

Eight pairs of eyes and the ole drop off a leg trick. Wolf spiders have eight pairs of eyes and when confronted by predators, they can simply drop off a leg to cause a distraction so they can escape. Those are just a couple of the interesting facts about wolf spiders.

Edgar Allan Poe – Did Booze or Gambling Do Him In?

On his way through West Point and perhaps a productive career in the military, the brilliant creator of prose along the way was hindered by addiction issues. How much of a role did alcohol and gambling play in the life of Edgar Allan Poe?

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