What Does TBH Mean?

what does tbh mean on instagram

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What Does TBH Mean?

SMH, IKR it gets so confusing when these kids keep changing things around.  We are still trying to learn more about fingerprints and the ocean, and here they go again with all this new technology.  Who has time for deep learning and computer vision?  TBH means “to be honest”.  That seems simple enough.  Not so fast.  The teen age group, according to some, has converted TBH into somewhat of a currency and perhaps reversed the context of the use of TBH.  If you thought Bitcoin as a currency was confusing, try keeping up with teens on Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter and the like.   

what does tbh mean on instagram

What Does TBH Mean On Instagram?

On Instagram, and social media in general, TBH still and has meant “to be honest”.  It appears to have evolved from a negatively slanted (ummmm, to be honest you do look fat!) urban slang tool into a positive one.  TBH may be a compliment among teens and others.  In fact, TBH may function as currency where one exchanges TBH for likes, shares, tweets, comments, etc. and vice versa.  A teen and their social media – OTP.

TBH Definition

Aside from the teenager twist on the “traditional” definition and context of TBH, there is of course just that.  The acronym still receives heavy use for the more straightforward interpretation of “to be honest”.

What Does TBH Stand For In Texting?

Example: “Boss I apologize, TBH I didn’t realize that image was NSFW before I sent it out via email to the entire company”. 

Example: “When Spotify clicks on and I hear Post Malone, TBH it is HIFW I reach the happiest part of my day”. 

Be aware of the fact that many images, photos, and other representations on Instagram are indeed fake.  

Curious about other groups of letters you see online?  Check out what it means to have FOMO, or get REKT, or to be SMH.  Perhaps you need to find out what OOTD means because people are reacting to it on social media or talking about it at work and on Facebook.

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Not merely to set a connection and complementing to opposite sex however, you can use TBH to anybody. TBH has changed into a highly popular term suddenly. In summary, TBH can act as a means to secure you closer to people distant from just a couple of degrees of friendship. TBH has changed into an extremely popular term. These days, TBH has changed into a remarkably popular term. TBH isn’t connected to rudeness or abuse anymore rather it’s referred to as an expression that is used for eulogizing somebody through comments. Hashtagging TBH on Instagram can be utilized in any type of context and since it’s a hashtag, lots of people from all over the world will be capable of seeing the picture you’re sharing.

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