What Does SMH Mean?

what does smh mean

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What Does SMH Mean?

what does smh mean

“SMH” is part of what has developed as an “Urban Dictionary” that seemingly grows alongside the use of technology and gadgets specifically within the communication patterns among and between humans.  Human beings tend to aggressively use things like cell phone text messages, chat rooms, email, Instagram messages, Twitter, and other social media platforms to communicate with one another.  “SMH” can mean “shake my head” or “shaking my head”.

SMH Meaning In Text

generally one uses smh the same way one would use a sarcastic laugh or smile.  Perhaps the one delivering the message refers to a mishap or goof of some kind . . . . the physical response if standing there together might be to shake one’s head in laughter, amusement, not being surprised, or even disgust.  People use smh for a variety of emotional responses.

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