Tasmanian Tiger Wolf

tasmanian tiger still alive

Tasmanian Tiger Facts

Tasmanian tiger-wolf is an extinct wolf-like carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania having stripes on its back. Despite its popular name, this animal is neither a tiger nor a wolf and it is closely related to the kangaroo.  Tasmanian tiger-wolf has a pouch for its babies to climb in.  The extinction of the Tasmanian wolf is attributable solely to activities of human beings (farmers and Australian government), it was said to become extinct in 1936.  The activity in Australia helped drive it into extinction.

Tasmanian Tiger Still Alive?

Another interesting fact is that Tasmanian devil is regaining in its numbers because it does not have to share food with Tasmanian Tiger Wolf. Some believe that Tasmanian Tiger Wolf still exists and there were some amateur sighting, but no proof of its existence.

Tasmanian Tiger Sightings

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