Tasmanian Tiger Wolf

tasmanian tiger still alive

Tasmanian Tiger Facts

Tasmanian tiger-wolf is an extinct wolf-like carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania having stripes on its back. Despite its popular name, this animal is neither a tiger nor a wolf and it is closely related to the kangaroo.  Tasmanian tiger-wolf has a pouch for its babies to climb in.  The extinction of the Tasmanian wolf is attributable solely to activities of human beings (farmers and Australian government), it was said to become extinct in 1936.  The activity in Australia helped drive it into extinction.

tasmanian tiger sightings

Tasmanian Tiger Still Alive?

Another interesting fact is that Tasmanian devil is regaining in its numbers because it does not have to share food with Tasmanian Tiger Wolf. Some believe that Tasmanian Tiger Wolf still exists and there were some amateur sighting, but no proof of its existence.

tasmanian tiger still alive

Tasmanian Tiger Sightings

TIL that the last thylacine died in 1936, and, due to the fact that the zoo expected to find a replacement, they did not bother to keep records of the animal. In fact, its gender was only determined in 2011 by a team of researchers looking frame-by-frame at a video of it. from todayilearned

THE ELUSIVE TIGER. DOES IT EXIST ? – Newspaper clipping from The Brisbane Courier (QLD) Sat. 7 Apr. 1923/Page 7 from ThylacineScience

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15 Comments on “Tasmanian Tiger Wolf”

  1. Hi

    Tasmanian Tiger is the common name for Thylacine, scientific name Thylacinus cynocephalus, means pouched dog with a wolf’s head. For more info go to dept of primary industry and water tasmania website.


  2. The *Tasmanian tiger wolf* is not related to the tasmanian devil. But there is such thing and a tasmanian devil! It is a marsupial.

  3. we (humans) kill many beautiful things in this world. It is so sad that many people won’t have the opportunity to see/experience the world as it should be.

  4. I think the tisse tiger is hiding away from us because it may know that we were the danger and is in hiding so if we don’t bother it. It could come back from hiding and trust us more and live with no more fear of us and don’t have to hide. if you were the tasmanina tiger wouldn’t you hide if you new humans where on the hunt for you and your family and friends and you couldn’t do any thing to stop them, just watch in fear as the ones you new and loved died in your face. If I was the one to find a tasmanian tiger I would just leave it alone and keep away from it even when I know it’s been in hiding for I don’t many years.

  5. what if your the tasmanian tiger and your being hunted for some thing didn’t do and the humans don’t care what would have been right if your that human and killed an animal that doesn’t even understand human words and you killed it because a little thing we can all for get about. But no people had to kill them off and thats like killing your own kid if you know what I mean and plus they help keep some of the animal species down that we can’t keep down by our self. some animals help keep some animals out of our way and keep nasty bugs that can kill us and we are killing the animals that help keep nature clean and safe fore us and.

  6. it is a pitty that the tasmanian tigers got extinct. i saw this video and it showed how humans killled it and i felt so sad

  7. the tasmanian tigers are so cut its a shame that us humans had to kill them because they would make great pets if they were still alive and i think they would help with all the crime we have nowadays

  8. Yeah

    Sad that they are extinct. I’m doing a life cycle research on the Tasmanian Tigers, but as they are extinct, the scientists couldn’t find much info on them. So annoying! I felt so sorry. And mad. ?.?

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