What Is Google?

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What Does Google Mean?

Google, the Internet search company founded in September 1998. by Larry Page & Sergey Brin, got it’s name from the word Googol, which represents number 1 followed with hundred zeros after it.  At the current time there are about 3.5 Billion internet searches conducted per day and more than 1.2 Trillion annually.

What Is Google?

Google is a global search engine that attempts to organize the world’s information.  Visitors to google.com type in searches and the results Google displays intend to be the most relevant and impactful results for what that person is searching for.  The evolution of online searches and search engines is nothing short of phenomenal.

Google and other search engines continue to adapt and stay a few steps ahead of the competition and forces trying to game the results in their favor.  Search started out with very heavy reliance on keywords and some basic factors like linking.  As players in the marketplace went to extremes to emphasize these factors Google constantly innovated to push the search market forward.

To think, what was once just a moment shared between a person and the yellow pages is now the use of video search, voice, rich snippets, rich cards, structured data an a whole bunch of other variables and factors.

interesting facts

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