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Shortest Story Ever Told

It was assumed that shortest story ever told was written by Ernest Hemingway when his buddies bet him that he cannot write story with only six words. Hemingway took piece of napkin and wrote: “For […]

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Sun Gazing Facts

Sun gazing is perhaps one of the most mistaken-for and clouded practices pursued by fanatics across the globe! This is a classic example of the clash between science and spirituality. While spirituality claims that gazing […]

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Hexagram Facts

Hexagram is a geometrical figure that looks like a star and has 6 edges and vertices. It is also refereed to as a six-pointed star. The way the hexagram can be formed is with the […]

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Facts about Rhode Island

Roger Williams found the Rhode Island and established the first Baptist church in America in 1638. It occupies the land area of 1045 square miles. Though it is the smallest state in America in size […]

Meteora Facts

Meteora, an area that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year is situated in Greece. Meteora is famous for its monasteries that are built on eroded rocks. The name itself means […]

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Mount Pelee Facts

Mount Pelee is a volcano located on the French island of Martinique in the Caribbean. It is well known for his destructive past. It was the early morning, may 8th in 1902, when eruption started […]

Temporary Marriage in Iran

Anonymous in the West, temporary marriage is, basically, a contractual deal between a man and a woman who decide to be married for an agreed period of time varying from one hour to 99 years. […]

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Caspian Sea Facts

Known as Qazvin in the ancient times, the Caspian sea is surrounded by southern Russia, Turkmenistan, Northern Iran, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Its surface area is 371,000 square kilometers and the volume is 78200 cubic kilometers. […]

Facts about Pancakes

Pancakes are eaten all around the world throughout the year but in some countries special days are reserved such as Shrove Tuesdays, Easter and lot more. Pancakes are thin cakes made of batter of milk, […]

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Facts about Asia

The continent largest in landmass and population is Asia. Asia has the world’s 60% of population that accounts to almost 4 billion people. The statistics prove that two countries hold half of Asia’s population; one […]

The Eternal Flame In Iraq

The Eternal flame in Iraq is the name lent to flames coming out of the natural gas vents since thousands of years at ‘Baba Gurgur’ oilfield in Kirkuk, which lies two hundred and fifty kilometers […]

Facts about Texas

Texas also known as “The Lone Star State” with the capital city Austin got its statehood on December 29, 1845. The population of Texas is 20, 044,141. The state has 254 counties with number of […]

Facts about Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo meaning the fifth day of May is celebrated as equal to independence of the country. Though many people confuse it with the Mexican Independence Day but that is on September 16. Cinco […]

Interesting Vampire Facts

Vampires are generally associated with bats, dragons and beautiful woman. The word vampire is believed to have been derived from either Hungarian vampire (witch) or Turkish upior (witch) or from Greek nosophorus (plague – carrier). […]

Crocodile Festival

A unique festival in Karachi is the “Crocodile Festival.” This is a festival held by the ethnic group called Sheedis in Pakistan. It is believed that Sheedis came as slaves from Africa. This festival is […]

Beautiful Psychedelic River

Rivers are commonly known to be good sources of water for irrigation. Sometimes the rivers also play as very good sites to view. They may be calm or very rough. One of the rivers that […]

Kashmir Longest Dispute

The dispute between India and Pakistan regarding the territory of state of Jammu and Kashmir is the oldest and longest surviving dispute on earth. India claims that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan […]

Mystery Missing Dates

Did you know the days/dates between 2nd and 14th September in 1752 did NOT exist? This is because this was the year that the calendar changed from the Julian (Julius Caesar) to the Gregorian (Pope […]

Who Made The Marree Man?

60 km out of the town of Marree in South Australia, there is the figure of a man etched into the ground that is more than 4 km long. This geoglyph, popularly known as the […]

Hollywood Facts

Are you aware of the interesting facts about Hollywood, the world renowned name in the motion picture industry? This district of Los Angeles has the well-known Hollywood sign. In reality, this sign was built in […]