What Is TikTok?

what is tiktok

Facts About TikTok


A Chinese Android and iOS video app, TikTok is a significant addition to the existing popular social media application. It is used for creating as well as sharing brief lip-sync, talent, and comedy videos.

ByteDance, a Chinese developer, launched TikTok globally in the year 2017. The immense popularity of this video app is apparent from the fact that it became the number one free mobile app to have been downloaded on the app stores of several countries, including Thailand, on January 23, 2018. TikTok is a social media app in the same that Twitter and Instagram are, and people use it like an app like they use Uber as an app.

The same developer had earlier launched a Chinese app called Douyin in September 2016 for the Chinese market. TikTok enjoys popularity in the United States, Asia, and several other countries in the world. However, the app is unavailable in China while its servers are located in those nations where the app is accessible.


Dance videos and lip-syncing are prevalent genres these days, and similar to YouTube, this is a highly interactive app using which users can comment on different videos, memes, follow other users, and connect with their friends on the platform.

In the US, TikTok has been downloaded around 80 million times while the global download has been about 800 million times, according to the data circulated by Sensor Tower, a mobile research firm. Celebrities such as Tony Hawk and Jimmy Fallon have also downloaded TikTok in the year 2018. The app has become so popular in the United States that lawmakers and government officials have set their sights on fighting it and investigating it under the premise of “national security”.

How to use it?

To use TikTok, the first thing one requires is a pair of headphones. If the sound is off, one cannot enjoy the app. However, to post any video of your own, you have to sign up for your account. An account on TikTok can be created using one’s phone number, a 3rd-party platform such as Facebook, or an email ID.

The app will automatically assign a username to the new user. TikTok is similar to a constant variety show and is unadulterated entertainment for you. There are creators of different types ranging from users who post hilarious skits and make you laugh to accounts who post the clips of the tiniest of dogs.

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