Interesting Facts About Boston

interesting facts about boston

Facts About Boston

The historical abundance of Boston is known and appreciated worldwide. The most popular and capital of Massachusetts, Boston an area of 48 square miles. Dating back to 1630, Boston is recognized among the oldest cities of the United States. Several notable events such as Boston Tea Party, Siege of Boston, Battle of Bunker Hill and Boston Massacre of the American Revolution took place in the city. It is an important manufacturing hub and a key port. Interesting facts about the city include:


The city of Boston gets its name from a town in England that it was named after. The early English settlers that settled in the area were mostly from Boston, England. The name stayed on.

Public Park

The Boston Common is a public park that has been around since 1634. The green sanctuary is the oldest public park in the United States and still draws visitors from both within and across the borders.

Public Beach

The Revere Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in the city. It is also the oldest public beach in the country.


Built in 1897, Tremont Street Was America’s first subway station. Tremont became the world’s third subway to use electric traction. Now Boston is handled by the MBTA and the famous T rail service. Boston residents fondly refer to “the T” and are very familiar with the Orange Line, Red Line, Silver Line, Green Line, and Blue Line.

Boston Sports

Bostonians of course obsess over and treasure their sports teams – each of which has a rich history filled with tradition, massive disappointment, and ultimate championship glory. Boston is home to three major professional sports teams plus the New England Patriots. An interesting fact some may not know is that the Patriots actually call home Foxboro, Massachusetts. Foxboro is about 45 mintues outh of Boston and in between Boston and Providence. That is where the New England Patriots play football at Gillette Stadium.

The Boston Red Sox play baseball at Fenway Park. The Boston Celtics play basketball at TD Garden. The Boston Bruins play hockey at TD Garden.

Chocolate Factory

In 1765, Walter Baker established America’s first chocolate factory. The factory was opened in Boston’s neighborhood of Dorchester.


The first lighthouse in the United States was erected in Boston. It was built at the little Brewster Island in 1716.

Art Theft

Boston experienced history’s largest art theft in March of 1990. 12 paintings valued at $500 million were stolen by two thieves from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.


Boston is home to North America’s first college, Harvard that was established in 1636.

Christmas Banning

Between 1651 and 1681, Christmas was banned in Boston as it was believed by the pilgrims to be a corrupted holiday.

Boston Massachusetts

The municipality of Boston is Massachusetts’ most popular and capital. As of 2017, the city had a population of 685, 094 and covers an area of 124 square kilometers. Despite the disbandment of the county government 1999, Boston remains Suffolk County’s seat. Established in the early 1600s, Boston is among America’s oldest cities. It has also been home to several historically significant events. Through land reclamation, expansion if the city has been achieved. It is also recognized as an international hub of higher education courtesy of its numerous colleges and notable universities.

English Puritans first set foot in Boston about 400 years ago. They named it Boston after a town in England and embarked on developing it, turning it into one of America’s greatest cities. Boston has been a notable city in the history of the United States not only for its role in development but also for its role in the fight for independence. Outstanding civic institutions were established within its borders before effort to rejuvenate neighboring cities were implemented.

Boston attracts visitors from all over the world throughout the year. Visitors go to the city to enjoy its luxurious beaches, dine in its renowned restaurants and have a great time in its outstanding hotels. Boston is also home to some of United States’ most popular attractions.

Boston’s significance to the fight for independence started after the colonists staged a rebellion against the heavy taxation that was levied on them by the British Parliament. Quite a number of the battles of the early Revolutionary Wat was fought either in or around Boston. Some of the noteworthy battles include the Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of Lexington and Concord as well as the Siege of Boston.

Boston grew into an important trading port after the Revolutionary War. Its infrastructure developed fast seeing the rise of architectural marvels.

Paul Revere and The North End

The North End is home to Paul Revere’s home and the Old North Church. There is a statue of Paul Revere and wonderful sitting area where you can find some shade and enjoy a nice lunch or just relaxing time with oneself or loved ones.

Once you arrive at the end there’s a cool little gift shop at which you can grab a duplicate of the Declaration of Independence amongst other cool souvenirs. It’s possible to easily walk to all the North End’s attractions within just a couple of minutes. The North End is a superb location, Walsh explained. The North End is not only entirely about food and restaurantsthere are loads of historical sites to see. It isn’t difficult to connect with the past when exploring Boston in the present. It a portion of history that’s a must see while in Boston.

Everything in the house is very old, and you may tell they’re doing their very best to preserve it. You can decide to walk the home on your own or adhere to a tour guide which will help you through the house sharing information. In addition, Revere’s home became one of the first historic house museums in the USA. For all those of you interested in American history, you can go to the house of the renowned Paul Revere! Adhere to the freedom trail and you’ll encounter this lovely historic home.

Just one local spot is tricky to findyou guessed itit’s underground. On a warm or cool day, a wonderful place to sit down and reflect, take pleasure in the very small number of green space which you can in the midst of a leading urban metropolis. If you truly feel like spending some moment, they have a lot of workers in many rooms to provide information and answer questions, which I thought was neat. So, among the things I truly enjoy is a superb historic residence. Be ready for the fact that it’s HOT inside.

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