Facts About Twix Candy Bar

Twix is a candy bar that was introduced in U.K. in 1967 and U.S. in 1979 and had been known as a Raider bar in some places until 1991 despite concerns over the change being a marketing ploy to some. This type of bar features a cookie center with a caramel topping all covered in a milk chocolate coating. Two of these bars come in each package. Twix bars come in many varieties including a version with a chocolate cookie and a peanut butter topping. Various other forms have appeared too including mint, ice cream and double chocolate bars. One package of Twix contains 284 calories with 125 of them coming from fat. It also contains 14g of fat and 5g of saturated fat. 3mg of cholesterol and 37g of carbohydrates can also be found.

How do you eat a Twix bar?  What is your favorite candy bar?

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  1. i luv chocolate as u can see on my name but even if i dont like a type of chocolate i still eat it!!! hahaha I LUV CHOCOLATE!!

  2. this is more of a question raly. why was twix once called raider? is there another definition of the word that I am unaware of? because I am under the impression that that word is defined as such: Raider, and individual which commonly uses force to ileagaly aquire other indaviduals belongings (theft)… if I am missing something I would like to know

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