Female Hyena Facts

female hyena facts

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Hyenas live in a female dominated society. Female Hyenas are the most masculine females in the animal kingdom. They have very high levels of hormones that are usually found in the males. Also many female hyenas have enlarged clitoris, to the point of looking like a penis. The female hyena urinates, mates and gives birth through this modified clitoris (it is inverted for mating).

female hyena anatomy

Wild Hyena
Hyenas are doglike carnivores (though not a dog nor a wolf) which have skulls and sagittal crest for attachment of jaws that are dominant, the premolars that are blunt and 32 34 tooth for breaking bones, specialised. The hyena kind of looks like the ever elusive Tasmanian Tiger Wolf just a little bit at least. Three of those hyena species are known to us the Brown hyena, the laughing or Spotted hyena and the one, and the Striped hyena. Sub Saharan Africa whilst the one is located in the hyena and the Africa lives throughout northeastern Africa, Asia Minor, India, along with Africa is inhabited by the hyena. Strong strong jaws, massive heads, and hooked tooth explain a lot about hyenas behavior and foraging techniques.

They can crack the marrow bones with their teeth. They’ve their shoulders being higher in contrast to hindquarters and big ears. They’ve a tail that is 1 foot long, and their foot that is brief is accompanied with five toes. The spotted hyena stands three feet high at the shoulder, could be long as 6 feet in its head and body length and weighs around 200 lbs. The male is bigger than the female. Lets enjoy a few of the most intriguing hyena facts for kids. Hyena Facts For Children – Distinctive Coats – All of the 3 hyena species are distinguishable from one another. 

The hyena greyish and shows a dark body. It’s unusually long and dense coat. Striped hyena’s grey and yellowish coat is marked by its stripes. The forepaws are adapted for burrowing meat out of caches written by carnivores. Both these species are portrayed by their long haired manes. The spotted hyena is the biggest species of hyena. The brief and sparse coat of spotted hyena varies from yellow to tawny buff and is indicated by brown or black spots. Hyenas in most cases of the day spend some time at ground holes, at lairs, at caves, along with even in thick vegetation.  Very fascinating species much like the moon bear or tibetan mastiff.

Hyenas are almost completely nocturnal plus they seldom hunt by day. Spotted hyenas are often found in large clans of 100 people and have marked their territory by urinating either on trees or just on ground. The females have been bigger than the males. What’s the Largest and the Most Aggressive Hyena? Spotted Hyena is by far the biggest and the most competitive hyena species. The head and body length of those species is 85 130 cm. Its hind legs are rather shorter than the forelimbs thus causing the back to slope downwards. Unlike spotted hyenas, striped hyenas are located in small groups of 1 2 creatures, though up to seven groups have been also known. Distribution – Hyena scavenges from those open savanna zones and those arid lands of sub Saharan Africa, those striped hyenas move in those forests of North Africa and Asia. The population of brown hyena is relativame limited to the southern Africa.

Spotted Hyena
They’ve a body length of 1.3 m, a tail length of 25 cms plus they weigh between 62 and 70 kgs. Their coat is short and it is sandy to grey\/brown in color with black spots. The hair on their neck and rear slopes when the hyena becomes excited, and it stands on end. Spotted Hyenas are strongly built animals plus they’ve a large neck and head. Their ears are short and rounded plus they’ve extremely strong jaws. Their front legs are longer than their hind that gives their back an appearance. Their legs have four toes with toe pads that are wide and non retractable claws. 

Females are hard to distinguish because of them having enlarged organs from men. They’re frequently displayed in meeting ceremonies to strengthen social bonds and hierarchies. Spotted Hyenas are strong swimmers plus they can travel at speeds of 50 km\/hr for 3 kms. They’re very vocal creatures with over 11 calls and they. Their calls include whoops to show a clan member entry or locate soft squeals once greeting another member of the group, cubs, and the hyena laugh that is or to rally the group. Habitat – Spotted Hyenas are located on the prey savannahs of Africa. Their structure is dominated they live in clans – 80 members. 

They leave their clan when men reach maturity, but females remain to. They share a communal den along with latrine plus they occupy a territory of 40 – 1, 000 sq. Kms are born in a birthing den. At birth their cubs weigh between 1 and 1.6 kgs, they’re black in color, their eyes are open and their tooth are fully developed. In case their cubs are of their same sex, right after birth they begin violent fighting which frequently results in their death of one of them. They’re one of the few mammals to perpetrate neonatal siblicide and it’s estimated to contribute to 25% of hyena cub mortality. Spotted Hyena milk is very rich with a protein content of 14.9% along with a fat content of 14.1%, so unlike lions (vividly depicted in The Lion King) along with wild dogs, spotted hyena puppies could go for several days between feeds. Females have sole liability for rearing the cubs and once they’re 2 – six weeks old their mother will move them to a communal den.

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  1. How ignorant you all are! There are male hyenas and there are female hyenas. Females rule the roost or the clan and so have more male hormones so are more aggressive and masculine. They have a pseudo penis – only the males have a real one and only the females can have babies – but with great difficulty. They are very intelligent animals. Maybe if TV doesnt do it for you information-wise you should read more and get your facts straight.

  2. I have read before that all Hyenas are born with a penis, and they will fall off if more female Hyenas are needed.

    Fail. Not true, ridiculous on its face.

    EVERYONE who watched Animal Planet know they are both male and female.

    Double Fail. Not true that hyenas are “both male and female,” that is are hermaphrodites, and also not true that Animal Planet ever broadcast such nonsenseexcept to mention it was nonsense that people used to believe.

    There are male hyenas and there are female hyenas. Females rule the roost or the clan and so have more male hormones so are more aggressive and masculine. They have a pseudo penis – only the males have a real one and only the females can have babies – but with great difficulty. They are very intelligent animals.

    Win. Good to know somebody’s got their facts straight.

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