Why Don’t People Sell Their Data To Big Tech?

facts about facebook privacy

Fact: Big tech firms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter follow around users, their activities, and the internet to generate massive heaps of data that they manipulate and among other things sell to third parties.

This is fact and is happening. The people however, are opting into this voluntarily. The people agree to the Terms & Conditions and use the baseline services for “free”.

Do things have to be this way? Do people have to agree to these conditions simply because it’s the path of least resistance to participation and using all of these technology tools and services that do indeed augment one’s life in some ways? Why don’t the people charge these big behemoths such as Google for providing them with their data? Google takes that data and makes a profit. The more your provide the more you make. Makes sense, no?

Free And Open Internet

That is not possibly with the current architecture of the existing internet. But, that doesn’t mean that can’t change at some point moving forward. The way things stand currently big monsters like Twitter host enormous amounts of servers that host and store your data, activity, and interactions. They pay for the servers and you use them for “free”. Therefore they do what they want with the servers and the data. What about people having their own servers and companies like Facebook would connect to your server via API and with restrictions? Maybe your pics and comments only get shown to certain people and can only be used in certain ways. Maybe you can offer to sell your data to Facebook under this structure.

Bitcoin And The New Internet

Things like Bitcoin could help monetize this, and it would decentralize the management of digital identities and the internet itself. It’s not that far fetched. After all, every politician and his brother is seemingly yapping about “breaking up big tech” these days. The facts are that the internet functions as described here currently, but there are other ways.

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