Fire Rainbow Facts

fire rainbow facts

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Interesting Facts About Fire Rainbow

A beautiful work of nature, fire rainbows are not a common sight.  It is a very rare occurrence to see a fire rainbow.  Fire rainbows are circum-horizon arcs commonly known as CHA in scientific language.  Fire rainbows occur in cirrus clouds which are wispy and thin.

For this incredible sight the cirrus clouds should be at 20000 feet height with sun at 58 degrees.  The amount of ice crystals in the clouds need to be appropriate and properly aligned for the light to pass through it.  The phenomenon is the result of refraction of light when it passes through vertical side and exits from the rear as it is in the case of a prism.

fire rainbow facts

If the inclination is of 90 degrees the colors can be seen well arranged and the cloud seems bursting with colorful flames.  Though the name suggests it to be a hot, scorching phenomenon but it is cold like ice.  This spectacular event of nature lasts for a short time and is a rare sight as all factors need to be available at correct time and at correct position.

Where Can I See A Fire Rainbow?

In 2018 there were many fire rainbows spotted in New England and the Boston area.  The Boston Globe documented it here.

fire rainbow facts

fact image

fact image

Rainbow cloud. Also called a “Fire Rainbow” from Damnthatsinteresting


The rainbow was used as an indication of a new era and a sign of peace, love, and freedom. It is in fact a full circle of light. Voila you find a red rainbow. It’s rare to observe a red rainbow.

If you wonder anything about rainbow, you are going to be interested in the next info. Rainbows are undeniably adorable and just amazing to take a look at, especially for children. It is the only electromagnetic wave that we are able to see. Fire rainbows are rather typical in the U.S. during the summertime, according to SF Gate.  If you pay close enough attention you might just see a fore rainbow yourself. 

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fire rainbow facts

29 Comments on “Fire Rainbow Facts”

  1. this is awesome to know. I have never seen one of these but will be on the lookout for one now. Which will be soon as i have now placed it into my own psyche and one will more than likely manifest itself very soon.

  2. I once saw one of those and it was amazing! It happened last summer and I was in North California,it was so cool and something that I will not soon forget 🙂

  3. I have never seen one of these. Or even heard of them. They sounds beautiful; I hope I get the chance to witness one of these one day.

  4. Do Perseid meteor showers or other space objects that stream smoke, ice trails, frozen methane gas, etc cause this fire rainbow effect in outer atmosphere? Or what is known of causes, liklyhood of seeing this effect? We are having very bright and unusual skies in Western NC Mountains this month(August) perhaps due to Perseid meteors. Though I have not seen anything quite like the Fire Rainbow. Thanks for any information!
    Mary Vaughan

  5. We saw one at 09h30 on Thursday 5th June 2014 just outside Knysna, South Africa. It was incredibly beautiful and no one had a suitable camera available! I have become a cloud gazer ever since.

  6. I saw a fire rainbow today in greenbrier arkansas. It was amazing. It was small and it was kind of circular and it was peaking out from behind a huge beautiful cloud next to the Rays of the sun. I came home and looked up circular rainbow which only brought up halos. Then I saw an article about weather phenomena and there it was. I feel so blessed! I had never heard of this

  7. We experienced them early in 2014 in Cornwall on the day we picked up our dogs ashes from the vet. We took them to a well-known beauty spot to scatter our beloved pooch in his favorite place and the sunny blue sky was filled with small puffs of cloud each with its own tiny rainbow. It was a surreal and magical sight we have never seen before and will never forget.

  8. I first came across these,when I was taking sunset photo from a bridge over the river Elbe(Germany)
    I now have dozens of photos,in an amazing amount of forms..I think the reason that not many people see them is that you have to be looking in the direction of the sun.

  9. After leaving the family viewing of my deceased son, the fire rainbow appeared we were all in shock to see such a beautiful and unusual site. Something everyone should see

  10. I saw fire rainbows in Honolulu Hawaii on March 13, 2016, just past noon. RESEARCH LED ME TO UNDERSTAND THAT these are actually chembows , created by the chemical trails of aluminum, sulfur, and other poisonous chemicals that are being sprayed to create cloud cover and to alter the weather. Most people think this is done only over the middle east and Europe. Chemtrails are being seen over California and other parts of the USA. This is the first time we have seen this in Hawaii. Do some research on chemtrails and chembows, and you will be shocked at what you find. Aloha

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