What Does IKR Mean?

what does ikr mean

What Does IKR Mean?

On Instagram and in text, you have likely seen it all. Leaves you SMH if we are TBH. There are so many acronyms thrown around it can be confusing, and nobody wants to feel FOMO when seeing something on Youtube or Tiktok that other people are already talking about.

IKR = I Know, Right? It’s a quasi sarcastic term and response when you communicate with another person somewhat under the assumption that you both agree on something, perhaps in a sarcastic, humorous, or even realistic tone. The answer to what does IKR stand for in part lies in the eyes of the beholder. You could use it with a serious tone or a sarcastic tone or in other ways.

Example Conversation: “I won’t say anything NSFW, this is frustrating HIFW someone says “Vicarious” by Tool is not a special song.”

“IKR, it’s so lame when people don’t understand music and the time signature in music. All the time I hear on Twitter on Facebook ridiculous interpretations about Post Malone and Lady Gaga. It’s like saying Serena Williams doesn’t know how to play tennis

“Lame people and chasing dogma, they are just OTP. IKR?”

Stay on top of all the latest lingo and GIF and MEME and what everyone is up to including Lizzo, Paul Bernon, Tyler Hoover, Aerosmith, Anna Kunyak, and more new technology like live streaming and 4K HDR.

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