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maned wolf facts

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Maned Wolf facts

Did you know? A maned wolf is neither a wolf nor a fox. In fact, it is the only species of its genus Chrysocyon, which means “Golden Dog.” It may look like a dog but it is not a dog. If you wish to learn about other interesting facts, read on below:

  • The maned wolf is the largest canid found in South America.
  • The primary country where the mane wolf population can be observed is Brazil. However, the maned wolf is also found in Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Peru.
  • The maned wolf can live up to 12 years in the wild, and as much as 15 years in a controlled setting.
  • The habitat the maned wolf is found in is savanna, grassland, swampy areas, dry shrub forest, river areas, and forest-edges.
  • The maned wolf is the tallest among all wild canids. Its long legs might have been a result of adaptationary evolution, as its native habitat consists of tall grasslands. It is very unique and intriguing much like the tibetan mastiff.
  • You can spot a maned wolf by its chestnut red coat and a thick, black mane running along the back of its neck and over the shoulders. Its muzzle and lower legs are black. The throat and tail, however, are light in color.
  • Although the maned wolf is omnivorous, most of its diet contains vegetable matter.

The maned wolf is among the most amazing creatures on Earth. It is interesting and incredible much like the moon bear, jaguar, hummingbird, wolf spider, and earwigs.

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