Interesting Facts About Planets

facts about planets


  • Even though earth and mars have the same kind of land mass, mars has limited gravity. The martian land has about 40% of gravity than what earth has. This definitely means that you would be able to take three times the step that you would take on the earth. This tells us that you would leap on mars instead of just walking.
  • As compared to all other planets, mars has the largest storms in all of the solar system. This is due to the oval shaped orbit that mars has around the sum, which is much longer than the orbit of other planets.
  • The sun appears to be half its size when it is being viewed from mars.
  • The name mars comes from the Roman God of war, which may also be the reason that it is called ‘the fire star’ and ‘the red one’.
  • Mars has blue sunsets
  • Mars potentially has many lakes of water
  • Jupiter can influence the orbit of mars because of its immense mass.
  • Apart from earth, mars is the only planet to have polar ice caps.
  • The temperature on mars can be as low as -80 degree Fahrenheit.


  • Venus is one of the planets which have no moons and no rings as well.
  • Venus and earth are almost of the same size.
  • It has been stated that Venus is made up of iron core, silicate crust and a rocky mantle.
  • A single day on Venus is said to be equal to 177 days on Earth. This means that a year on Venus would be 225 Earth days approximately.
  • The temperature of Venus can be almost 471 degrees (Celsius)
  • It is the second brightest thing in the solar system at night.
  • 71% of the surface of Venus is just like Earth.


  • The name Neptune comes from the color of the planet, it is named after the Roman God of Sea.
  • It takes Neptune almost 165 years (Earth years) to orbit the sun.
  • The distance of Neptune from the sun is almost 30 times the distance the earth is from sun.
  • Neptune is known to spin quite quickly on its axis.
  • Only a single space craft is known to flow past Neptune.
  • Neptune has a lot of storms.
  • Neptune is the last discovered planet.
  • Neptune has 14 moons, as per the last discovered moon. The largest of these moons is named Titan.
  • The temperature of Neptune is approximately -214 to -353 degree Fahrenheit.
  • It is almost obvious but Neptune is the planet with the maximum distance from sun.
  • Neptune is actually 58 times bigger an 17 times than earth is.
  • If a 200 pound man was to visit Neptune, they would weigh 228 pounds.
  • Neptune’s distance from earth is about 3 billion miles.
  • Neptune has no solid surface. It just gas transitioning to slushy water and ice.

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