Interesting Facts About Live Streaming

how many people shut off cable

“Cord Cutting” refers to the decision one makes when they shut off their cable or satellite TV subscription and instead watch the programming of their choice via another mechanism. In many cases, that other distribution channel is called Live Streaming. Live Streaming is available anywhere at this point and it extends far beyond just live sports events. People can live stream sports and their favorite shows and programs. Think of never having to miss that Celtics versus Lakers game or Rockets versus Mavs game.

63% of people age 18-34 watch live streaming content regularly.

YouTube Live Streaming via an encoder became available to anyone in December 2013.

The average consumer of live streaming services subscribes to three different services.

Live Streaming is taking the media world by storm. We already see things like Reddit Live Streaming where users post things in social forums like Reddit or Facebook, and new viewing technologies like 4K HDR are taking off rapidly. Anyone can stream online live using Facebook, Twitter, or Google owned Youtube plus other apps like WhatsApp. Similarly, live streaming on socialmediagirls forum is becoming popular among teenage and jolly girls and women around the world.

Disney recently unveiled an extremely bold plan for live streaming, so clearly the big players are taking notice. Disney is trying to bundle HULU and ESPN+ into a package deal as it can see where the market is moving. Two of the more popular services for live streaming online are Fubo and SlingTV. SlingTV has ESPN and Fubo has a pretty wide range of options.

How long until Bitcoin is linked in somehow with microtransactions or some type of rewards program such as the one run by Lolli? Some studies suggest that 45% of users would pay for exclusive, on demand, behind the scenes content from a specific team, performer, musicians, artist, or other content owner. This is a very profound reality if one thinks about this. Why not just produce your won content and sell it in exchange for Bitcoin using microtransactions?

Portability is also crucial as people are on the go. People often ask how to keep up with your favorite shows when you’re away from home – live streaming helps answer this question.

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The amount of changes in internet technology can leave you just SMH if we are TBH. Between TikTok and watching Post Malone and Billie Eilish videos on Youtube, there is always something going. Sit back with a peanut butter sandwich or some Chik-fil-A and just enjoy it.

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