What Is A GIF?

what is a gif

You may have seen some silly and goofy pics and images on social media that make you chuckle a little bit and get a reaction out of you. That is precisely the intent.

GIF Definition – graphics interchange format

A GIF technically is some type of file in GIF format. The realistic context is essentially an image that can be both static and have movement. GIFs have become a way for people to communicate by using something catchy, silly, or otherwise attention grabbing to convey a point.

GIFs are very common on social media and even built into platforms such like Facebook and Twitter. Both individuals and organizations use GIFs to convey some type of message. In many cases people are trolling and using a GIF to mock or poke fun at a target, much in line with the overall trolling nature of the majority of childish and immature social media interaction. GIFs often involve animals as well like a tarsier, dolphin, cat, dog, or tiger. However, some folks and organizations use GIFs to try and convey a legitimate message or marketing platform.

Many GIFs depict well known people and events so that they grab attention instantly. Maybe folks live vicariously through celebs and their GIFs. GIFs have become quite a big business as well. Here is one guide on how to use GIFs responsibly as a business. Forbes has reported on the business opportunity related to GIFs as well.

GIF is just one goofy acronym out there. Have you heard of FOMO? What about REKT? What does TBH mean on Instagram?

gif meaning

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