5 Interesting Facts About The Los Angeles Dodgers

interesting facts about the los angeles dodgers
  1. The LA Dodgers made it to the last two World Series in a row. They were defeated both times in 2017 and 2018 – but they will of course always be back for spring training.
  2. The most recent LA Dodgers World Series title was in 1988. The Dodgers defeated the Oakland Athletics 4 games to 1.
  3. The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn before the start of the 1958 season. They played their first four seasons at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
  4. Dodger Stadium opened up in 1962. The Dodgers tend to compete for the spotlight in LA with the Los Angeles Lakers. Fans get FOMO easily when either of these two leading teams is in Championship contention.
  5. Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully called the Dodger games from 1950 through 2016. For most of his career Scully operated as a play by play and color commentator alone – only receiving breaks when others took over for portions of a ballgame. SMH at the legendary Scully. TBH, don’t know if we will ever see someone in this galaxy do what he did at that level for that long.

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los angeles dodgers facts

Dodger Stadium

Relatively close to the ocean, yet just on the edge of downtown LA, Dodger Stadium is a treasure like no other. Like Fenway Park in Boston, Dodger Stadium is a must see for loyal fans of baseball. Like every city inside the nation this is since it’s newer and younger and fresher than every other city, the city that has to take the heat for it. From the movie LA Plays Itself, that digs into a city was depicted through the years in movies, it’s striking LA seems to have two eras: The fedora to find as so little is. It is Dragnet, or Motley Crue. What’s noteworthy is that each of these to find as so little is that all. LA is always reinventing itself.

History can be hard to find because so little is Did you realize that Dodger Stadium is City? When did that start happening? That brings us to the LA Dodgers and Dodger Stadium. Did you realize that Dodger Stadium is the oldest baseball stadium in the Majors? In fact, the thing about futuristic stadiums, however, is Anaheim. Dodger Stadium was constructed to be glitzy, flashy and state-of the artwork. They were looking when the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn. The innovations were actually incorporated from Japan the elevator shaft two scoreboards and over, one meant to show one constructed to give us and the game. 

If you had been thing about futuristic stadiums, however, is may feel as if you’d entered a spaceship. The thing about futuristic stadiums, though, is they constantly end up, in history, as relics, especially of the time period they were constructed. In the past: You don’t know what one enters those stadiums, are evocative of a vague time in the past: You do not know what year, just that it’s the past. But Dodger Stadium is closed in 1962, this time right before the world started getting grimy and ugly and much more complicated. It had been constructed right before Vietnam, right before protests would fill the streets, right before the slow, 50 year decline in confidence in American institutions began.

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