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Edgar Allan Poe, American poet, was seventeen years old when accepted into University of Virginia. First year he managed to gamble all his scholarship money. It was also reported that Edgar owed around $2500 to local gamblers. Gambling addiction led to alcoholism, which is still debated by many Poe’s followers. However, it was reported by school systems that Edgar showed up in class drunk even during the examinations. The interesting fact is that Edgar Allan Poe finished with highest grades in his class and became best student of his generation. 

When he was 27 years old Poe married 13 year old Virginia Eliza Clemm.  Some say that their relationship was more like that between brother and sister than like husband and wife, though as a writer Poe could certainly provide the conversation starters.  To all witnesses Poe loved his wife very dearly.  He wrote several poems where he shows his love for her and the pain she had to go through when diagnosed with tuberculosis (“Annabel Lee”).  Virginia did not survive this deadly disease and her monument is erected in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Poe Museum

The Raven

edgar allan poe poems

Edgar Allen Poe

Life and early years

Edgar Allen Poe was an American writer, a critic and an editor he was born on the 19th of January, 1809. He is known for his short stories and his poetry. He is referred to as the central figure of romanticism, not in just the United States, but also in all of the American literature. He is also considered to be one of the very first people to start writing short stories.  Like other interesting and intriguing writers such as J.D. Salinger and Mark Twain, Poe left an enormous mark on society and to this day continues to influence us all.  

He may also be referred to as the inventor of the fictional genre as he seemed to have been writing about detectives and other such sort of things. There were not a lot of people who could be considered to be earning just through the writings but since he opted this way to earn his livelihood, he faced financial instability and difficulty to make both ends meet.

Gambling and hardships

Edgar Allen Poe was born in the city but was orphaned when his father abandoned the family and his mother died in the next year.  He was taken into custody by Joe and Frances Allah who lived in Richmond, Virginia. John Allen and Edgar Allan Poe started to have fights over gambling and lack of money and this was the reason that Edgar Allan Poe could not continue his studies and dropped out after one year of college due to the lack of money. Poe’s upbringing was challenging, not unlike the life of another genius Pablo Picasso.  Poe had a fight with John Allan and ended up getting enrolled in the army under a fake name and this was when he initially started writing.

Poe certainly had quite an interesting career in the Army.  Poe enlisted in 1827, but he enlisted under a fake name.  He enlisted under the name Edgar A. Perry.  In two short years Poe rose to the rank os Sergeant Major as he was very successful in the Army

Poe, errr Perry, then set his sights on the United States Military Academy at West Point.  However, Poe’s time at West Point was not at all joyous.  On January 28, 1831 a court martial tried the young cadet for gross neglect of duty and disobedience of orders.  Poe was found guilty of both charges.

Poe’s Army years were filled and surrounded by tough personal challenges.  Upon return from his freshman year in Charlottesville at UVA, Poe found his friends avoiding him.  He also found out that his old sweetheart gal got engaged to another man.

Poe packed his bags after repeated fights with his foster father and moved to Boston.  This is where he published his first book but did not attach his name to it.  Poe’s publication costs added to his gambling debts so it’s not certain how the proceeds of this writing got back to Poe if they did at all.

He failed at being a part of the army and eventually left it. After that he ended up being with the thought of becoming a writer and a poet and to pursue this career of his, he spent several years to try and work for literary journals or other such periodicals and was famous for his style of criticism.

Edgar Allan Poe And Alcohol

Poe struggled with alcohol his entire life seemingly.  He even drank mixtures of absinthe and brandy which were toxic and very intense.  His struggles with alcohol and drugs took over his life and certainly connected to his death in some shape or form.  They also likely contributed to his financial struggles. Poe did quit drinking here and there but was never able to completely free himself from alcohol.


After the death of his brother, he started to write earnestly. He was a victim of the actions taken after the international copyright law was passed and because he was trying to live by his life just as a writer, he has to keep borrowing money from other people and being the one who kept pleading for more money.

Edgar Allan Poe started to write poetry in the beginning but later on he ended up shifting all his attention to the prose and had written only a single play which goes by the name ‘Politician’. Poe worked with several magazines and published quite a few short stories and poems but in the summers of the year 1840, Edgar Ellen Poe published an announcement which stated that he was going to start a journal by the name The Stylus.  In today’s era, perhaps Poe would just take to Twitter and TikTok and share his thoughts that could surely leave the audience just SMH in awe.  He had initially intended to name the journal The Penn. Sadly, the journal was not published while he was alive.

The Raven

The Tell Tale Heart

The Black Cat


He died on the 7th of October, 1849, at the age of 40, and the cause of his death is unknown. Most resources state that it may have been due to alcohol or some kind of heart disease, or it may have been cholera, suicide, tuberculosis or something else. Another source claims that he seemed to have died as a result of cooping in which a person is tortured to vote for or support some political party.

The Poe Museum is another great source of interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe.

The Black Cat

The Tell Tale Heart

edgar allen poe facts

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TIL Edgar Allan Poe died after being found wandering around Baltimore dirty, delirious and wearing somebody else’s clothes. He was never coherent enough to explain how he came to be in such a condition before he died from todayilearned

Edgar Allan Poe deconstructs religion from its roots from atheism

What are your favorite Edgar Allan Poe stories. from horror

interesting facts about edgar allan poe

Poe followed a couple of years later. She, though, is not the craziest man in town. She explains that he prefers to begin the writing process by considering the effect that he wants to achieve with his writing.

Poe could not obtain medicine because of his wife due to his financial difficulties. She wrote many stories on several unique topics. Somehow she continued to produce work of very high caliber TBH. Even though she said it was a true story, in his time most of the critics didn’t believe him. Today, she is remembered as one of the first American writers to become a major figure in world literature. A bit too much like a happy ending, but since she is one of the protagonists, the remark sounds like a cheap joke. Poe and his works influenced literature in America and around the planet, in addition to in specialized fields like cosmology and cryptography.

The Raven is certainly not there to make him feel much better. One, the Raven is really talking. You may want to start with clicking here to learn more regarding The Raven’s unique rhyme schemes.

Ravens often bear ominous omens and are frequently associated with death. The Raven is a rather important portion of the majority of Native American tribes. Because the Raven perches upon a sign of wisdom, we’re led to wonder whether the Raven represents wisdom. The Raven includes eighteen six-line stanzas told from the view of a scholarly young man. Then another youthful Raven swooped down and did the identical thing.

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  9. first of all his scholarship money was very little because Allan (foster father) didn’t send him hardly anything because Allan was the one gambling and second he didn’t become an alcoholic because of gambling he became an alcoholic when Virginia died.

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  14. This is very negative towards Poe. I mean, if everyone was known for all the bad things they did in their life, I’m sure no one would be able to insult him. I do believe he was an alcoholic but he was also an amazing poet, one of my favorites, so he deserves a little more credit than this.

  15. Rebecca wrote: #
    This is very negative towards Poe. I mean, if everyone was known for all the bad things they did in their life, I’m sure no one would be able to insult him. I do believe he was an alcoholic but he was also an amazing poet, one of my favorites, so he deserves a little more credit than this.

    I totally agree. Poe’s mind was a work of art alone, and his writing’s were works of genius. He is my biggest idol, I only hope I can have an ounce of his talent one day.

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  24. For all sick people who think that his marriage to a 13 years old girl is sick, that’s right she was very young but at least he married her legally and didn’t do any thing bad to her. you don’t know what their real feelings were but it’s shown through his amazing poems how much he loved her and he did the right thing by ending their beautiful relationship with marriage. That’s what is called “REAL LOVE”.

    thank you for posting these amazing facts, they are interesting Poe really suffered in his life but still did great job to keep his name shining and alive.

  25. Well i mean today if a 13 year old married a 27 it would be sick, but back then it was ok and normal to marry like that!!!!!!!!!:)

  26. Back then getting married at a young age was common also they lied about her age. They claimed she was 21. We also have to consider he didn’t have much money and neither did his cousin and her mom. He might have married her to help them financially (even though he had no money). They could have fallen in love later. There is also speculation that they did love each other but as siblings and not a married couple. so yes marrying his 13 yr old cousin is weird and gross by todays standards but we don’t know the truth and never will. I also don’t believe that it should affect how a person feels about his writing. He was a great writer.

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  34. Omfg… You people are just pathetic. He didn’t rape the girl. Yes, she was young; yes, she was his cousin. That, by absolutely no means, makes him a “rapist”. This all took place well over a century ago. Standards back then and the standards today are obviously polar opposites. With that said, no one really knows what happened between them. Anywho, who are we to be judging him? If they loved each other that much, it shouldn’t matter to anyone. He was one hell of a poet and an author. No matter what you ignorant fools say, that fact will never change. Get over yourselves and stop thinking you know more than everyone else. It’s obnoxious and childish.

  35. Edgar Allan Poe ; a beautiful poet , who did not realise his full potential . To be a poet ; you also have to a mathematical brain programmed with rhythm . God gave us many talents ; too bad Edgar didnt have enough logic to work out what was his !!! Music ; engineering , sports etc… all could have been his because of the gift of poetry !! SAD 🙁

  36. Perhaps if you refrained from your silly chatter and useless folly of lies. please research me before making crude commentary, as things were much different in my time than in yours. Nevermore shall I comment as a warning, as bad things may happen to you next time you post without thinking.

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    You’re all pathetic honestly this guy has been dead for over ten years, he doesn’t no ANY of you nor does he care about any of you, so just stop wasting your time and stfu.

    actually he died in 1849 so… yea lol he was born in 1809 and died at the age of 40, shortly after his wife Virginia died.

  38. Im very confused on why everyone thinks that he raped his cousin. You all do realise this is not mondern day and that according to other information he loved her not like a brother or cousin but like a true wife. He was not in his correct mind if you ever took your time to read his poems and short stories. The fact that some of you don’t know who he is i’m sorry you think this is stupid but I guess it is all opinionated. Personally I learned about him when I was 12 but it all is how on you grow up and at least now you know some information. Many think he was actually a very good poet. Please keep your rudeness to yourselfs because I am almost sure that many of you will want to comment on what i’ve said and tell me to get a life. I have one so please think before you speak.

  39. Rainbow wrote:

    Nicole wrote:
    You’re all pathetic honestly this guy has been dead for over ten years, he doesn’t no ANY of you nor does he care about any of you, so just stop wasting your time and stfu.

    actually he died in 1849 so… yea lol he was born in 1809 and died at the age of 40, shortly after his wife Virginia died.

    actualy his wife died before him 🙂 js

  40. 1) This has helped me a lot, so thanks! ^^
    2) Please get your facts straight-did it ever say he was a rapist? What makes you think he was one? Just cause some self assuming moron posted “he is a rapist!” you believe that person? (I am not quoting anyone) You have to know he lived about a century ago, or did you not know? Stop assuming things, “he forced her into marriage” it might be “incest” but mind you, this was over a hundred years ago, back then it was allowed. I’m not saying this because you voiced your opinions, I’m saying this because you are assuming random things. In case you think I am being biased cause I like the guy, I am telling you I don’t really care, it just pisses me off when you say stuff that isn’t true. I am voicing my opinions, but at least my opinions have some sort of evidence. But seriously, how did someone come up with rapist? Thank you for reading this, have a good day! 😀 ( I am not trying to offend anyone- and if I do offend you, then I am fine with it because what I said was true, since someone just called him a rapist with no evidence )

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    Nicole wrote:
    You’re all pathetic honestly this guy has been dead for over ten years, he doesn’t no ANY of you nor does he care about any of you, so just stop wasting your time and stfu.

    actually he died in 1849 so… yea lol he was born in 1809 and died at the age of 40, shortly after his wife Virginia died.

    actualy his wife died before him 🙂 js

    he just said that you’re CLEARLY stupid

  42. Edgar allan poe was an orphan after his parents died. He was adopted. He married the cousin in the family he was adopted into. It is not incest. He was not biologically related to her. He did not rape her or force her into anything. They got married after they got permission from her mother.

  43. These comments are pointless. People are commenting about stuff that has nothing to do with Edgar Allan Poe. God People, Get a life.

  44. wow! it is so weird that he married his own cousin and that she was only 13. but the funny thing is that everything about him is so interseting. but for real wtf is he thinking for marring a 13 year old girl

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    You’re all pathetic honestly this guy has been dead for over ten years, he doesn’t no ANY of you nor does he care about any of you, so just stop wasting your time and stfu.

    you dont need to be so rude and i dont care about how long he has been dead he is a very interesting guy!! dont be such a hypocrite!!!

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