What Does Dogma Mean?

what does dogma mean

What Does Dogma Mean?

Dogma Definition – dogma from Latin sourcing refers to “philosophical tenet”, and from Greek we get “opinion, tenet”.  Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.

What Is Dogma?

Dogma is used frequently in the context of “Religious Dogma”.  All of that stuff in the Bible and about Jesus is true because . . . . . . . . . well we said so and we are the authority!  Many people feel religion is and has been merely a tool used to control large masses of people.  Religious “leaders” use dogma to lecture and scold the masses and in some cases frighten them into gobbling up the dogma and follow the instructions set forth by the religion.  It’s no surprise to see people SMH when being lectured by a religious zealot or otherwise self proclaimed “expert”.  Even worse, some choose FOMO and to even live vicariously through these “authority figures”.  Artificial intelligence and deep learning even strive to pick up on these types of intentions.  

Example:  There is a lot of dogma around cannabis.  Everyone seems to be an expert on marijuana and if or how it should used by humanity. 

Broadway musical sensation The Book Of Mormon does an excellent job of shining light on the hypocrisy and absurdity of religious dogma.  It helps one understand dogmatic thinking in general as well.  There are plenty of GIF on Twitter or Tiktok and Facebook about this musical one could find.

One can’t help but wonder what minds like Einstein, Mark Twain, JD Salinger, Edgar Allan Poe, and Elon Musk would think of dogma. 

  what does dogma mean

What is The Central Dogma?

The central dogma refer to Molecular Biology.  it describes a two stop process involving transcription and translation.  This is the process of the information in genes flowing into proteins.  It’s all connected to atoms and science.

Tool in its epic thriller “Third Eye” states “chasing the tail of dogma” in the lyrics.  There are to each his/her own unique interpretations of this track, but there appears to be this reference to finding oneself and missing oneself.  Perhaps the artists are scolding themselves for chasing the tail of this dogma or perceived sense of authority thrust upon society. 

what does dogma mean

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Conformity bias: Individual ethical judgement is easily clouded by the decisions and actions of those around us from philosophy

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