5 Interesting Facts About Pelicans

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5 Interesting Facts About Pelicans

Are you interested in birds? Then, you’ll want to know the following about Pelicans. Pelicans, belonging to the Pelicanidea family of birds, are a genus of large water birds. Here are some interesting facts about Pelicans to add to your knowledge

  • Pelicans can live up to 54 years in captivity, although their average life span in the wild is usually 10-15 years.
  • Some eight different species of Pelicans exist all across the world. These birds can be found in all continents such as Asia, except Antarctica. Pelicans usually live near water bodies in tropical and temperate zones.
  • A Pelican can be identified easily by the pouch under its bill – similar to how one notices a kangaroo and its pouch. It is the only bird to have a pouch under its bill. Pelicans can also be identified by their short legs which appear disproportionate to the rest of their body.
  • Of all the species of Pelicans found, the Dalmatian Pelican is the largest in size, the Brown Pelican is the smallest and lightest, and the Great White Pelican is the heaviest.
  • Pelicans are strong swimmers and excellent fliers. They are carnivorous by diet and diurnal by nature, which means that they hunt during the daylight hours. Pelicans are also social birds and tend to fly in flocks. They are fascinating flying creatures much like the hummingbird and bald eagle.

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