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Fluoride Facts - Poison!

Fluoride is the bio-accumulative toxic that we all ingest every day either through the drinking water or toothpaste. It is believed that someone has lots of benefits from making people sick (to sell pills) or to make them dumber so we can listen/obey better. It is believed that fluoride does exactly that! We ingest it in large quantities without any reason. The fact is that we can have perfectly good teeth without fluoride. US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved any fluoride product designed for ingestion as safe or effective. Some of the diseases/states that have direct influence from ingesting fluoride on daily basis: Osteoporosis, Dental Fluorosis, Hypoactivity or sluggishness, Reduced I.Q, Alzheimer's disease, Cancer. The list continues.

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jade williams
I agree, but I need to see more evidence about it
jade williams at 08:08PM, Oct 13th 2014.
I don't know why so many people are bad mouthing this site, the truth about floride is out about you people get educated about what your putting into your body. If you don't beleive it then you have the right to do whatever you want, but don't hate on the people that are only trying to help. There are a few states that have been able to get floride out of the water, i hope that one day ours will as well, but more people need to wake up.
jen at 09:31AM, Jan 30th 2014.
flouride is an antibacterial agent and causes your teeth to poison the bacterias that cause bd breathe, tooth decay and gigervitis.
mica is sparkly and polishes your teeth
baking sode also polishes teeth

the trouble with flouride is not that it poisons humans, but that it reduces the bacteria in your intestines that help you process food, causing digestive issues and sickliness in immuno-defficient people, and if over-consumed.
xaviara at 12:03PM, Aug 8th 2012.
Then why do they put fluoride in toothpaste in the first place, to make it look pretty?
kysen at 06:02PM, May 18th 2011.
Its amazing how people can be so easily fooled. Yes, Flouride is BAD for you. When it was introduced to our water system in the 1940's there was a 400% spike in cancer cases within a 10 year period. Its called population control. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!
Christine at 12:16PM, Oct 29th 2010.
Deco wrote:

I don't understand how people can critisize the facts on this website, without offering evidence to support their alleged un truths. If you think everytime someone goes against what you are brought up to believe is a conspiracy theory. Why would you be reading stuff like this? Turn on your local news channels and continue to watch boring coverage about your local crimes.

Deco: You completely ignore the fact that countries that do not fluoridate their water (like most countries in Europe) show NO increase in dental cavities. I'm living proof of that. It absolutely gut wrenching that everyone just goes along with this mass medication simply because its been practiced for 40+ years.
Casey at 08:08PM, Sep 2nd 2009.
Fluoride is a topical agent that kills germs on contact and it was never meant to be
ingested. It’s basically similar to swallowing Neosporin.

It’s very easy for everyone to dismiss anti-fluoridation as the movement
of crackpots. To all of you I say this: You are asking the wrong question.
The question is not whether or not water fluoridation is good for you.
The question is why any municipality would medicate the water supply without
your consent. Why not dump multivitamins into the water? Vitamins are also
good for you right? The answer is obvious. Just because you may get all of your
vitamins from one source doesn't mean your neighbor does. Wise up people. We personally don't really care about the 'why'. We just want it stopped! Join us in the growing movement.

Casey at 08:00PM, Sep 2nd 2009.
Ok, to all of you who do not agree with this fact: I have done approximately 6 research papers on what causes cancer. In all of them flouride has been one of the reasons. Flouride, (and feel free to check this out for yourselves before you go making assumptions) is actually a bi-product of uranium that is extremely toxic and expensive to dispose of. So, a man who ran one of these uranium-producing companies took the flouride to the FDA and proposed the idea that it was good for peoples teeth. It truly doesnt. One website that will help you:
Crystal at 08:59PM, Sep 1st 2009.
I don't understand how people can critisize the facts on this website, without offering evidence to support their alleged un truths. If you think everytime someone goes against what you are brought up to believe is a conspiracy theory. Why would you be reading stuff like this? Turn on your local news channels and continue to watch boring coverage about your local crimes.
Deco at 09:44AM, Jul 17th 2009.
Okay, i believe none of this, you want to know why, because everyone i know drinks water from tap and none of them are sick, wow, lets look at the facts would we. just because that one person got sick doesnt mean it's from the flouride in water. these dumb hippies have to make everything we ingest sound bad so they can blame the government for something,..get a life, your not going to die, live a little
Mateo at 12:50PM, Jun 13th 2009.
Admin comment
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We are trying to prove everything on this site. If anyone has the proof of wrong material please let us know and we will discontinue those facts. Coming and saying that everything here is false is absurd. We hope you will find something that will sparkle your interest. Just being hateful and jelous is not enough to be complete person.
Interesting Facts at 08:12AM, May 12th 2009.
Also, lol at escaped quotes. Learn to PHP/SQL better.
jd at 06:27AM, May 12th 2009.
I'm going to have to agree with dave, this site is nothing but conspiracy theories.

Also, if "gigo" is the site owner as Gremlin man has led me to believe, then the response made by gigo to dave's comment just proves the immaturity and zero level of professionalism this site operates on.
jd at 06:24AM, May 12th 2009.
The dude
fluoride is usually combined with other substances to make it innert to the human body. It also says on the toothpaste do not ingest. So what do you think?
The dude at 10:17AM, May 7th 2009.
dave-it seems you have too much fluoride in your system!
5t6u8 at 11:26AM, Apr 20th 2009.
This is an interesting thing, but it is hard to preach, as dentistry takes many years before you become a proper dentist therefore meaning that dentists aren't going to google interesting facts and click on the first page like i did, they need this to be handed to them by a collegue or someone they think has valid point of view, meaning that it is very hard to get this sort of information to the right people
Monty at 02:19AM, Jan 6th 2009.
Gremlin man
I completely agree with you. people should do some research once and a while instead of falsely accusing someone else. by the way cool site gigo.
Gremlin man at 02:45PM, Jul 14th 2008.
Before you start attacking this site you should do research about the facts on the site. I can't understand people like you. Why don't you search internet about fluoride. You think millions of people would just make up something like this!!! Idiot!

Take a look buddy:
gigo at 12:09PM, May 25th 2008.
wow look at that weirdo....ew
l----dog at 09:23AM, Apr 18th 2008.
This is a fact site not the University Encyclopedia. The point is to look for more resources yourself since this site just provides facts.
goro at 06:58PM, Mar 18th 2008.
Any evidence to back that up, or just unsupported assertions?
B at 08:45AM, Feb 25th 2008.

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