Three Indoor Activities to Thrill Your Kids This Winter

arts and crafts for kids

It’s been a long and difficult year, especially for children, who have been kept cooped up indoors without schooling or peers to play with for months. And with winter rolling around, bringing with it cold weather and a likely rise in coronavirus cases, your children are likely to be hit with another spate of indoor weekends and evenings as the world slowly returns to normal. In light of this, here are three exciting new activities for you to plan for your children this winter that will keep them happy and entertained indoors.

Arts and Crafts

One of the joys of being creative with your children is that you can leave them alone with arts and crafts materials for hours and they’ll be able to create in their own time. If you invest in the right kind of equipment and materials — and you find them discounted via a Hobby Lobby coupon — you’ll be able to build up your supplies to entertain your children with cutting, pasting and painting activities.

Remember that for these creative games you’re going to need to give your kids some inspiration. What will they create? What would they like to make? Show them how to use the materials you buy and create alongside them to birth in them a lifelong passion for getting creative. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into the next Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, or Van Gogh. jellycat soft toys is also one of the best toy that thrill your kids.

Board Games

Many families are ambivalent towards board games as the parents have mixed memories of these activities when they were young. But the board game market has produced some fine games for all the family in the past decade, many of them hilarious and engaging for adults and kids alike. For long nights shut indoors, there likely won’t be a better use of your family’s time than laughing around a table, playing a game.

To find games that might suit you and your children’s age bracket, search online on the larger board game stores. You can find games sold cheaply on the likes of eBay and Gumtree, or you can find them at retail price on Amazon and other games websites. Searching DuckDuckGo, Google, Ecosia, Firefox, or Yandex can help as well.

Group Reading

Another activity which you might not have thought of is group reading as it gets your family together to play different parts in a play, for instance, but in your own front room. You could also combine this fun activity with your arts and crafts creations in order to make props and scenery for the play that you’re performing.

Providing plenty of books, such as the Eclipse Arts book series by Michelle Chastaine, is a simple way to always have a cosy activity available to keep the kids entertained.

Children who are out of school need encouragement to be creative, and to learn how to express themselves. Reading aloud can be a great help for kids’ development. So this is a task that’s both incredibly engaging and likely to help with your kids’ education: this is a double-win for parents who are rightly concerned that their young ones have missed vital months in their educational journey due to the coronavirus.

Use the three tips above to begin thinking about how you’d like to pend winter at home with your family, building out a number of activities to occupy your time when you’re all stuck at home.

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