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interesting facts about picasso

Pablo Picasso Facts

Pablo Picasso was born in Spain on 25th October, 1881. His full name was “Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso”.  He was born as tiny and weak baby.  They thought that he was dead, but his uncle, a doctor named Don Salvador, blew cigar smoke in his face.  Little baby Picasso coughed and declared his rightful place on this planet.  Picasso’s long name of 23 words comes from a list of saints and relatives.

Interesting Facts About Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the most notable figures in the field of art, certainly a towering figure that makes one HIFW they look at Van Gogh. His remarkable creativity saw him make significant achievements and important contribution to art. He was not only a wordsmith but also an exceptional handcrafter. Besides poetry and playwriting, Pablo Ruiz Picasso was also a painter, sculptor, stage designer, paint maker and ceramist.  Picasso’s creative contributions to society advanced humanity so amazing artists like Billie Eilish and Andy Warhol and the writers of Dear Evan Hansen could ultimately emerge.  What would Picasso think of Hadestown?

Birth: Pablo was so tiny at the time of his birth that the midwife that delivered him feared he was stillborn. She left Picasso on the table to attend to his mother, until his uncle, a doctor saved him.

First Word: Unlike other kids, Picasso’s first word was Piz, short for lápiz Spanish for Pencil. His father was an artist and a professor of art and gave him the exposure he needed to excel at art. He started learning art at the tender age of seven.

First Painting: Born to be an artist, Pablo Picasso finished his first painting at only 9. The painting was titled Le Picador. It featured the image of a man riding a horse.

Name: Picasso had a really long name of 23 words. His full name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso. He was named after relatives and saints. His last name is his mother’s.

Student Life: Despite being a brilliant student who was ahead of his age mates or kids older than he was, Picasso was a trouble student who hardly listened to what he was told and got thrown in detention a lot.

Life: Despite being Spanish, Picasso spent much of his adult life in France. His first signed contract was in Paris with Pere Menach, an art dealer.

Mona Lisa: Although Picasso did not have a hand in the theft of the Mona Lisa, his friend; Guillaume Apollinaire was taken in by the police. The poet fingered Pablo as a suspect. Both were later released by the police.

Pablo Picasso Artwork

While living in Paris (1900) Pablo had financial problems and was forced to burn many of his paintings to stay warm.  Later in life he was paying his bills with simple signature written on piece of paper containing only one word: Picasso.  Besides his wives he had many mistresses and some of them very young.  Pablo loved to work with the candle light.  His first exhibit was at the age of thirteen, but first recorded painting was at the age of nine.  Interesting fact is that Steve Wynn, owner of the Picasso’s famed “Dream” painting, poke the hole accidentally through the multimillion dollar painting while showing his friends portrait of Picasso’s mistress Marie-Therese Walter.

In 2018 a Picasso canvas sold for $115 Million at auction. 

Some of Picasso’s later works, including one from 1968, recently sold at auction in June of 2019.

Artnet.com keeps tabs on the sales of Picasso paintings and recaps all of the auction action.

interesting facts about picasso Picasso’s first painting at the age of nine: Le picador[/caption]

interesting facts about pablo picasso

TIL that Pablo Picasso demanded his mistresses to be submissive and shorter than him. He thought women were "either goddesses or doormats". Dora Maar, one of his lovers, called him "an extraordinary artist but morally worthless". from todayilearned

TIL that Pablo Picasso carried a revolver loaded with blanks, which he would shot at people who asked about the meaning of his paintings. from todayilearned

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The world is filled with very interesting people throughout history, and Pablo Picasso is certainly among them.  These types are also intriguing and worthy of research with names such as Andy Warhol, Edgar Allan Poe, George Washington, Peter The Great, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein.

By painting a weeping woman, Picasso directly centered on the human component of suffering and made a singular universal image. You must make people know that in the event they need to utilize Picasso’s name they must ask permission. Actually, Picasso is hard to fake convincingly. Pablo Picasso is most likely the most crucial figure of 20th century, concerning art, and art movements that occurred over this age.

The painting at first seems to be very easy but if one were to look closely, an individual would discover distinctive symbols within various parts of the painting. It offers no background and the emotions are not clear as well. It was controversial not only for its radical style but also for its subject. It had been showed in London, Paris and New York during October, helping to entice bidders from all over the world. There are a couple of things you ought to know about before you think about buying Picasso paintings or drawings at eBay.

In case the displayed price is less than the true price, Artspace will void the buy and endeavor to get in touch with you via either phone or email to inquire if you would enjoy the item for the right price. If it is higher than the actual price, you may be refunded the overcharge. Entering your Maximum Bid” does not absolutely indicate you will pay that price tag, you can pay less.

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  1. Pablo Picasso was a man of deep contradictions. Pablo Picasso was a self avowed communist. However, Picasso was also one of the world’s wealthiest artists, leaving his heirs an estate valued at $260 million ($1.5 billion in 2008 dollars) when he died in 1973. Pablo Picasso once remarked, ‘I like to live like a poor man, except with lots of money’. Ha-ha

    More about Pablo Picasso

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  7. I love picasso. He is my idol, if it wasnt for him I probably would still be living with my mother in her basement. True story. These facts were amazing. my favorite painting of his is nude from behind. BEAUTIFUL. thank you so much pablo. I also like Mi Pueblo which sounds like pablo. I love you

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    Mzie wrote: #
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  14. Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

    born: Malaga, Spain; 25 October 1881
    died: Mougins, France; 8 April 1973
    Life Events

    After visiting an exhibition of children’s drawings: “When I was their age I could draw like Raphael, but it took me a lifetime to learn to draw like them.”

    “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

    Pablo Picasso had several distinct phases during his long career, including his Blue Period, and his later Rose Period. He began his blue paintings in 1901 reflecting his sadness at a friend’s death. Directly after his Blue Period, Picasso moved on to his Rose Period in 1905. One of Picasso’s most creative phases took place between 1908 and 1912 and is known as Analytical Cubism.

    In the first six years in Paris, Picasso moved from the Toulouse Lautrec “cabaret style” of painting (1901) to the Blue Period (1901-1904) to the Rose Period (1904-1907) and then the Cubist Period (1907-1917). For the rest of his life–from age twenty six to ninety two–he was to frequent these styles again and again!

  15. Impressionism the imitation of moving life captured on a painting . Abstract ; the divine shapes of geometry , to hide the meaning of life . Fine art ; the capture of a persons soul in a picture . Put them together , and you get a wonderful conundrum of paintings , with a different blueprint hidden in every object and person !! Pablo Picasso – more to his work than meets the eye . The levels of meaning are still unfounded !

  16. that was so interesting and unique thanks Pablo Picasso song[you are the one who changed the world the one who madeeeee famous paintingsssssssssssssssssssssss]REST IN PEACE PABLO PICASSO.

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