Testis Or Testify

The word “testis” dates from the Latin meaning to bear witness. In ancient Rome, only men could bear witness or testify in a public forum. In order to show importance to their testimony, they would hold their testicles as they spoke, and an oath was declared while holding another testicles. THIS FACT NEEDS TO BE RESEARCHED. It seems that word testis derives from word testificare ‘to bear witness’ and there is very little data to support original idea of holding testicles. However, in book of Genesis there are passages in which a man who is taking an oath puts his hand “under the thigh”.

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  1. Maybe it’s just the concept that if the truth is too harsh for people to understand, they’d kick the guy there. So, as protection, he guards that area with his hand.

  2. That is not quite true. In italian (latin origin) TESTA means HEAD, when you write something it is called TESTO (Text). The HEADing is called TESTAta.
    Testa (Head) is synonym of masculinity in roman time. You are aHEAD, you are first. Other words that indicate of the word testa origin: Test ardo (stubborn), test icolo (Testicle), test imone (witness, test ify), etc.etc

  3. Ops I forgot to mention TESTosterone. I can trust your TESTimony, because you are man with TESTosterone; therefore you are a good TESTimone (withness). I guess the TESTimony of the women in the past wasnt considerered too highly, because of lack of TESTosterone.

  4. I do believe that the holding of your testicles in the Ancient times , was a symbolic swearing of oath , of your future children and yours and theirs, future generations ! Therefore , tell a lie and you would be swearing away your right for your family line to continue !! Tell the truth in honest motivation , and you would be claiming the right for your familys line to continue for generations !

  5. No, low testosterone does not cause high ceeohstorll. You have two types of ceeohstorll, the bad kind, and the good kind.Testosterone and ceeohstorll have no links, other than being mixed in the blood. Was this answer helpful?

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