5 Interesting Facts About Water

interesting facts about water

REMOVE Fluoride From Your Drinking Water

  1. One teaspoonful of water has eight times as many atoms in it than there are teaspoons of water in the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. The total amount of water on Earth is constant. It recycles over time. Some of the water you drink has passed through a dinosaur.
  3. The Center For Disease Control projects that globally 780 Million people do not have access to an improved, legitimate source of drinking water. Two and half billion people lack access to legitimate sanitation.
  4. About 40% of the bottled water sold in the world in the water is just tap water.
  5. Flint, Michigan in the United States is merely one example of where the government, even though it forces households to pay for water, fails to provide water that is adequate and safe. The entire city of Flint Michigan has been exposed to lead contaminated water and continues to face an economic and social nightmare because of it. Another issue with water is fluoride. Click here to learn more about getting fluoride out of your drinking water.

REMOVE Fluoride

Here is more information and interesting facts about water from the CDC.

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How can I remove fluoride from my drinking water?

There are some options. One such option is found here where you can remove fluoride with a filter from drinking water.

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