Interesting Facts About Spain

interesting facts about spain

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Interesting Facts About Spain

Spain’s cultural diversity makes it one of the most interesting places around the world. Its rich history has been influenced by various historical events, dating back several years. Like Asia, Spain is full of rich and deep history and cultural significance. The country is also home to some magnificent geographical features and remarkable architectural beauties. Innovations such as the stapler also trace their roots back to the region. Below are some particularly interesting facts about Spain.

Olive Oil Production: Spain is a leading producer of the precious olive oil. It is estimated to produce approximately 43.8% of the world’s Olive Oil. The Andalucia region located in Southern Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the country with Jaen as the epicenter of production.

Religious Beliefs: A massive population of the country is religious. About 98% of the country’s population were Roman Catholic. The population has however gone down over the years and currently stands at around 74%. Of the remaining religious population, only 36% admit to being Catholics.

facts about spain

Beaches: Spain is well known for its beaches. There are wonderful and gorgeous beaches in Barcelona and elsewhere that give people the chance to get into the water and enjoy the comfort and beauty of the ocean.

Football Heritage: Spain is home to some of the world’s greatest footballers. The richest football clubs such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are also from the country. Elegant football stadia are also hosted in the country.  FC Barcelona’s home stadium is the world’s largest private owned stadium.

Nudity: Spain is one of the few countries that have liberal views on nudity. While other countries prohibit public nudity, in the country, nudity is legal. To quite a number of people, this makes it a great destination for enjoying the hot dry summers and mild rainy seasons.

Literature: Spain has made great contributions to global literature. The first known novel is believed to have been written by a Spaniard. Written in 1605 by Cervantes, Don Quixote is considered the first modern novel.

Creativity: Some of the world’s greatest artists have their roots in Spain.      


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