Wendy’s Nutrition Facts

wendy's nutrition facts

Wendy’s Nutrition Facts

Dave’s Single Burger – 570 calories

Dave’s Double Burger – 810 calories

Junior Cheeseburger – 280 calories

Small Cut Natural Fries – 320 calories

Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal – 1,270 calories

Double Stack Meal – 1,330 calories

wendy's nutrition facts

Wendy’s Frosty Nutrition

Chocolate Frosty – 590 calories

Vanilla Frosty – 570 calories

Wendy’s Salad Nutrition

Taco Salad – 660 calories

wendys nutrition facts

Breakfast Menu

Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant

560 calories

1 gram fiber

22 grams protein

30 grams fat

Sausage, Egg + Swiss Croissant

600 calories

1 gram fiber

22 grams protein

40 grams fat

Wendy’s has been rolling out a new design of their locations with a big look toward the future and upgrading the level of quality and perception of the restaurants in the eyes of the public.  Wendy’s still heavily pushes soda like Coca Cola as well which has high fructose corn syrup, so perhaps consideration of healthy options like an RxBar or Clif Bar are warranted.

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