Fluoride Facts – Poison!

flouride in water toxicity

Fluoride In Water

Fluoride is the bio-accumulative toxic that we all ingest every day either through the drinking water or toothpaste. Fluoride in drinking water provided by governments and municipalities is essentially just accepted as ok and standard at this point.  It is believed that someone has lots of benefits from making people sick (to sell pills) or to make them dumber so we can listen/obey better. It is believed that fluoride does exactly that!  Sluggishness and obedience are associated with consistent fluoride ingestion. We ingest it in large quantities without any reason.  SMH

Why Is Fluoride In Drinking Water?

Only about 30% of municipalities in the United States do NOT fluoridate their water.  This is way out of whack with the rest of the world.

REMOVE Fluoride From Your Drinking Water

Fluoride has been shown to cause a lot of major issues, to include lower IQs in children.  The use of it for dental purposes can even cause dental problems above and beyond any help it provides. The fact is that we can have perfectly good teeth without fluoride.

Drink Water Without Fluoride

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved any fluoride product designed for ingestion as safe or effective. Some of the diseases/states that have direct influence from ingesting fluoride on daily basis: Osteoporosis, Dental Fluorosis, Hypoactivity or sluggishness, Reduced I.Q, Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer. The list continues.  It’s not just Flint, Michigan.  Fluoride in water is an issue in Boston, Hollywood, Florida, Canada, Asia, Australia, Spain, New York, and beyond.

5 Interesting Facts About Water

It’s Not Just Flint: Many Cities With Poison Water

Perhaps removing fluoride from one’s drinking would help open up the mind.  There are all sorts of things to learn more about in every day life such as how banks create money and what Bitcoin really is and what it can do.  Opening the mind can also lead to much greater appreciation for how much art can help humans think clearly and more effectively – such as the great pieces we have seen from Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol and performances like Dear Evan Hansen.

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Make certain nobody is using water. Fluoride-free water is now a favorite topic in the past few decades. Distilling water can remove the majority of the fluoride content and produce your water safe again. You ought to be a great deal safer by producing your own water that’s totally free from fluoride by means of a process called distillation.

Your dentist may wish to know if fluoride is added. A dentist will be able to help you understand more about the way fluoride impacts the teeth, and might even suggest applying a topical fluoride varnish during routine dental visits. However good your dentist is, you will wind up swallowing a number of the fluoride.

You need to contact your water system for more details. Community water systems can add the right quantity of fluoride to the neighborhood drinking water to stop cavities. Community water systems in such areas must decrease the fluoride level beneath the acceptable standard.

Nearly all water has some naturally occurring fluoride, but usually not sufficient to avoid tooth decay. If your drinking water comes out of a public source, you can figure out regarding the levels of fluoride in your drinking water by contacting the local community water system. So, if it comes from a public source, contact your local community water system to find out how much fluoride is in it. Water with Fluoride Adding fluoride to your drinking water is among the simplest and most cost-effective techniques of protecting children and grownups from tooth decay. The only other thing you will want to worry about is how you’re likely to generate drinking water that doesn’t have any fluoride.

In case you have fluoride in your drinking water, it isn’t always simple or cheap to get rid of it.  Many decades after fluoride was initially added to drinking water in some sections of america, there’s still controversy about the potential health effects of drinking water fluoridation. There have been some concerns that it may be linked to a variety of health conditions. Learning what fluoride does for the wellness of your teeth can help you become more conscious of how to detect plaque and stop it from turning into a cavity. If you’re concerned your infant may be receiving an excessive amount of fluoride, speak with your physician or dentist, who might recommend ready-to-feed formula or formula reconstituted with fluoride-free or low-fluoride water.

The daily quantity of fluoride needed is defined in a number of various ways. Given in the correct quantities, the fluoride appears to excite the formation of new bone tissue. Whether or not it causes cancer is also debated, although the latest data appears to show does not cause cancer. When it is supplied via drinking water, there is no control regarding the amount of fluoride actually consumed, which could lead to excessive consumption. Although it will certainly kill off some of your Candida, the problem is that it does not discriminate. Luckily, there are methods to find the fluoride and other toxic chemicals from the water. When you consume an excessive amount of fluoride, your teeth can get discolored and crumble.

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