Interesting Facts About Australia

interesting facts about australia

Interesting Facts About Australia

Despite being the smallest continent, Australia is among the largest countries in the world; 6th largest to be precise. Due to its position to the equator’s south, the continents is often referred to as Down Under. Following its discovery in the late 1700s, people from various places around the world have settled in the region making it a multicultural country. Interesting facts about Australia are listed below.

Sheep to Human Population: Australia is one of the world leaders in the production of wool. This is probably due to the large number of sheep reared in the country. It is estimated that the population of sheep is three times the number of humans living in the country.

Language: English is the primary language spoken in Australia. Its language is influenced by the first English settlers who discovered and settled in the area.

Religion: Despite being home to various religions, Christianity is the predominant religion in Australia. A majority of Australians are Anglicans with the second largest population being Catholics. Recently in 2019 the discovery of a statue in Australia raised questions about the role of the Ming Dynasty in Australian culture and society and when visitors of the Ming were in Australia.

Clothing: Clothing in Australia is influenced largely by the temperatures. Being a generally warm continent, Australians tend to favor light, easy-to-wear clothing especially in the summer. Rather than slacks, most Australians wear shorts and long socks to stay cool. They blend European and American fashion, but keep it simple even at the offices. Fashion aligns with a lifestyle of being near the water and the beauty of the ocean.

Food: Australia has an abundant supply of seafood, especially along the coastline. The seafood is very popular with the locals. Australians also consume lots of meat. Lamb roasts and beef are the most popular. The influx people from various corners of the world including Asia and Europe has greatly diversified the foods consumed in the continent. Vegemite, a black spread however remains the country’s tradition.

Sports: Australians are livers of sports and follow both soccer and cricket. They also enjoy horse races and water sports.

Animals: Australia is known for having an abundance of kangaroos.

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