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Magnesium is the required mineral for good health. It was Sir Humphry Davy who segregated magnesium from Epson salts as magnesium does not exists in Free State. Magnesium is found in different proportions in different parts of our body; half of it is in cells and tissues, other half combined with other materials form our body framework and only a very little of it is found in our blood. Magnesium is therefore essential for proper functioning of nervous system, heart, regulation of blood pressure and for maintaining our bones. It also helps to metabolize energy and to break proteins for proper digestion.

Many people take advantage of the high magnesium in dark chocolate to help them with sleeping.  

foods high in magnesium

foods high in magnesium

Dark Chocolate





Fatty Fish

Whole Grains

The requirement of magnesium of our body cannot be met with the food we eat daily as it contains a meager amount of magnesium. To fulfill the need of the body one needs to eat variety of green vegetables as the chlorophyll pigment contains magnesium, other than this the mineral can be found in nuts, seeds and few whole grains using whole wheat. Fruits should also be taken in good amount. For non vegetarians meats and sea foods are of great help.  Like salt, magnesium is essential.  

Magnesium rich foods

People involved in heavy physical activities should be on high magnesium diet as it helps in transmitting oxygen to the tissues, magnesium helps children in increasing their concentration level.

As excess of anything is bad same is the case with magnesium, in case of excess intake of magnesium a person might suffer kidney failure, muscle weakness, cramps, irregularity of heartbeats and extreme diarrhea. Generally people who are alcoholic, or are suffering with gastrointestinal and renal diseases are magnesium deficient.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency are irritation, tiredness, loss of appetite and concentration, muscular weakness and abnormal heartbeat. Women need to be very careful about their magnesium intake after menopause the deficiency might lead to osteoporosis.

Magnesium And Sleep

Since magnesium is an essential component of human health and diet, it serves to keep things in balance.  This helps keep mood levels and stress balanced and improve the quality of sleep.  Here is some more detailed information on magnesium and sleeping.

Magnesium and Chocolate

Men and women love chocolate and there’s small reason why not to. Eating chocolate gives out a good deal of health benefits to the person. It can also give rise to a feeling of anxiety.

Magnesium can restore increased energy levels. Magnesium can help to relax blood vessels and thereby it can also lessen Type-2 diabetes by promoting healthy blood glucose. Since magnesium plays a function in a broad range of bodily systems, deficiency may lead to an extensive selection of health issues, from mild to life-threatening. Magnesium is regarded as a macro element meaning unlike trace minerals it is necessary in big quantities within the body. Magnesium is also serving as a treatment for those with COPD. Magnesium has also an important part in insulin production. Magnesium is best attained through diet, though supplements are likewise a viable way to enhance magnesium levels in kids and adults.

Magnesium is deemed safe for pregnant ladies. Magnesium is also a pure sleep aid and a great alternate to conventional medicinal sleep remedies. Magnesium and potassium within banana are somewhat helpful to the human wellness.

Processed foods is a huge culprit! Healthy food can get very unhealthy if you cook them of the incorrect way. Besides the foods mentioned previously, you might be tempted to consume other exotic-sounding foods due to their perceived health benefits.

Ideally, individuals shouldn’t take magnesium supplements without a physician’s supervision.  Magnesium supplements may also aggravate or worsen current conditions like heart disease and kidney troubles. If your magnesium supplement states the following it’s a rock mineral and you maynot absorb it.

As the body relaxes, it is common for the body to likewise release the emotional baggage we’re holding on to. It’s accountable for how fast your entire body recovers. The body isn’t able to put away magnesium so it must be received day-to-day.

What is it Magnesium is just one of the most essential and abundant minerals found within the body, with 50 per cent of the human body’s supply living in our bones. Magnesium is critical for the correct purpose of our lungs. Magnesium is important to good health since it’s necessary for 300 biochemical reactions within the body. As with other minerals, magnesium can’t be produced within the body. Magnesium is most frequently found in unprocessed foods, which are inclined to be in several instances lacking in the typical American eating routine. Magnesium is among the crucial minerals needed by the body. The magnesium in chocolate facilitates restoration of the general balance of the human body’s magnesium balance.

You see, magnesium is an important mineral. Magnesium is an important mineral that plays a vital role in over 300 biochemical functions within the body. Magnesium is an important cofactor of the processes our unique cells use to create energy. Magnesium plays such a significant role in ensuring a patient’s survival that a number of doctors in Japan is not going to operate unless levels are corrected (1). Magnesium is an electrolyte, and it’s affected by the levels of different electrolytes in your physique. Magnesium is also involved in nearly every facet of biochemical metabolism. Having enough magnesium within the body is crucial to maintain normal bones and teeth.


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