What Is My Lucky Number?: An Exploration of Numerology

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Ever since the explosion of interest in the Law of Attraction, through books such as The Secret, and Abraham Hicks’ The Law of Attraction, the interest in Numerology has catapulted.

Numerology is an occult science that has been around since the age of the Babylonians, and Pythagoras. An interest in the science of numbers shows a general awakening of spiritual aspirations and an interest in the world beyond illusions.

One of the main questions you begin asking yourself in such moments is “What is my lucky number?” It’s a great question to ask because you can use the lucky number meaning to start making lots of important, everyday decisions. 

But what is numerology exactly? And how to find lucky numbers for you? Read on to find answers to all these fascinating questions.

What Is Numerology – Why Does It Matter for You?

Numerology says that your life path, and your relationship to everything and everyone around you, are affected by your birth date, birth name, and other factors like that. 

That’s why your name, and your birth date, is used to determine what soul lessons your life will take on (astrology does the same but with different methods).

Numbers are powerful and it’s not only about the numbers that are in your latest bank account statement. Numbers are everywhere.

In fact, if you go to the essence of the essence, the universe is made up of numbers at its core (like the movie Matrix). 

The idea behind numerology is to go back to the essence, to the source of all knowledge. And to use these source numbers to calibrate how you should live your life.  

For example, you might have noticed that you keep on noticing certain numbers everywhere. The most common one could the number 11:11. You see it on your clock, or your timepiece, and even on billboards. What does it mean? 

Numerology has the answers for those esoteric questions. 

Your Numerology Life Path Number

One of the important numbers that you need to worry about with numerology is your life path number. This is a number that’s calculated using your birth date. 

Let’s try it out here. For example, if you were born on November 21st, 1947. Your life path number would be 11 (from November) plus 3 (2+1 from the date) plus 21 (1+9+4+7 from the year). This equals 35. 

Thus, your life path number would be 3+5, which equals 8. 

The Life Path number can also be called your Lucky number. If you were wondering what the number 8 meaning would be, let’s look further into it. 

If your life path number is 8, then you are determined, focused, and thoughtful. You are very organized and pragmatic. But that means that you leave very little time to dream, to ruminate, and to let your mind wander. 

You might be too focused on the material things of life, and leave no time at all for the esoteric ones, like finding love, spiritual meaning, and more. 

This is one example. Every person has a different life path number that they need to be aware of and use in their life. 

Working With an Expert Numerologist Is Best

Even though you can calculate a lot of these lucky numbers on your own, by using online numerology calculators, the best thing would be to get a numerology report from an expert numerologist. 

The numbers themselves are kind of useless. You might be able to answer the question, “What is my lucky number?” But you won’t be able to go much beyond that. 

The number themselves have a significance beyond the superficial idea of luck. Yes, you can use these numbers to choose the lottery numbers, or to pick the next item you purchase (aisle 8 anyone?).

But the point of these essential numerology numbers is to go beyond the superficial mundanity of life. It’s to go into the essence of you and why you are here on this planet. What is your purpose? What are your core expressions?

These questions will not be answered by finding out your core numerology numbers. Sitting down with an expert numerologist, you will be able to get a reading and a report on your future path and how to use your numbers.

Lucky Numbers and the Shadow Side of It

Unlike the idea in mainstream society that a number can be lucky or unlucky, numerology actually goes a bit beyond that. 

In numerology, each number has its lucky side for you and a shadow side. For example, if we further into the lucky number meaning for the number 8, we will see that its shadow side is all about the lack of emotions in the person. 

The lack of emotionality becomes the shadow side that then that person has to confront and to ask questions of. It’s not enough to know that your shadow exists.

You need to destroy it, in your quest to keep on growing as a person and as being of light.

Stagnancy is something that you can avoid to a degree by utilizing your numerology core numbers. Instead of living in your comfort zone, you can try and move past it by asking the right questions, and pushing past your edge. 

The Law of Attraction might only be about fluffy matters, but numerology isn’t. That’s why it’s recommended to have an expert on your side when looking into these matters. 

You don’t want to get caught up in something that’s beyond you. 

What Is My Lucky Number – Everything Is Interconnected

The beauty of asking the question, “What is my lucky number,” is that it starts revealing you the intricacies and complexities of this universe we live in. 

The divine creator has put together this complicated universe with such forethought and care, and you would be remiss if you missed out on learning about it through the art of numerology. 

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