Interesting Facts About Canada

facts about canada

Interesting Facts About Canada

Located to the north of North America, Canada is a vast country that is made of three territories and ten provinces. Despite being the world’s second largest country in area, Canada’s population is approximately 33.4 million. The country has 2 official languages, French and English, with English being spoken in most of the country. French on the other hand is spoken primarily in Quebec. It is a predominantly Christian country with 67.3 of its residents practicing the religion. Some interesting facts include:

GDP: Canada’s nominal GDP stands at $1.844; the 11th highest GDP. Its nominal per capita GDP on the other hand is 10th highest at $52,364. TBH, not many might think of Canada as the 11th biggest economy. That’s a lot of money flowing around, and the action between the U.S. and Mexico helps.

Economy: The country operates on a mixed economy. It is rich in trading networks and natural resources both of which are important to its economic power. It boosts its economy through the many international trade routes that it has established. United States is its major trade partner. Canada is also quite heavily involved in Bitcoin mining and new financial technologies in general. In Quebec for example, there is a robust industry using water via hydro-power and other natural power sources to mine for Bitcoin.

Macaroni and Cheese: Canada is the largest consumer of cheese and macaroni. Canadians have been proven to eat more pasta than other nationals do. Don’t forget about all that maple syrup we all love to pile on top of pancakes.

Cannabis and Marijuana: Recreational and medical use of marijuana is legal in Canada. This has a big impact obviously on Canada and the potential markets and economy around cannabis, and this also has impact on the states in America that have already legalized cannabis.

Mail: For more than three and a half decades, the Canadian mail isn’t run during Saturdays.

Oil: Canada is a very oil rich country. It boast of a large oil reserve that is only second to Saudi Arabia’s. Canada has successfully stepped in when other countries, such as Venezuela, lose market share to the U.S. for various reasons.

Reputation: Canada is a middle power and is a member of several international organizations including NATO, Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations. It is also internationally recognized for its high standards of economic freedom, education, civil liberties, education and standards of living.

Hockey: Hockey is a huge sport in Canada. Clearly the climate supports this and vast ponds and lakes where youngsters in many cases learn to play while dreaming of one day suiting up for the Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadiens or Vancouver Canucks.

Geography: Canada is home to some rather impressive geographic features. There are more than 3000 lakes within the country’s borders.

Canada is the largest country in North America. It consists of five provinces, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. The largest lakes in Canada are in Ontario and Quebec.

Lakes Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Simcoe are the three largest lakes in Canada. Each lake has its own distinct personality. Lake Ontario is the largest in terms of area and volume, although it is one of the smallest lakes in Canada.

Lake Erie is located in Canada and is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. It is located in Ontario and contains a total area of 26.2 square kilometers. Lake Erie is separated into two parts, one around the United States and the other around the Great Lakes of North America. Lake Erie is a great place to get married or participate in marina activities. You can stay on the water and can get a better view of the scenery on land.

Lake Huron is one of the most famous lakes in Canada. It is located in Ontario and is the second-largest lake by area. It is considered as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Lake Simcoe is a small lake situated on the southern shore of Georgian Bay in Toronto. It is divided into three parts, including the John Lawson Islands, the eastern shore of Lake Simcoe itself. The western part of the lake is considered part of Lake Ontario.

Although Lake Simcoe is the third-largest in Canada, it is one of the smallest lakes. It is surrounded by the waters of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Because of its small size, it is subject to excessive flooding from rain and storm.

Some of the biggest fishes that can be found in Canada are salmon and Herring. Canada is home to a variety of waterfowl species. A wide variety of birds can also be found in Canada. Many of these bird species live along the banks of rivers and lakes.

As you can see, Canada is a lot more than just lakes. Enjoy your vacations and visit some of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Society: Canadians are generally very friendly and sociable people. During the Christmas season, they don old clothes and move from home to home singing Christmas carols in the spirit of celebration.

The world is filled with many other amazing places such as the coldest city on Earth, Russian, China, Asia, Hollywood, Boston, Florida, New York, Spain, and so much more. Spread the knowledge on Canada with a GIF or MEME on Twitter or Tiktok.

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