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Facts About Spring

The start of the spring in the Northern Hemisphere is indicated by vernal equinox which occurs on March 20 or 21. Conversely the Southern Hemisphere sees it as the beginning of autumn. A known myth about the vernal equinox is that the day and the night hours are exactly12, but generally doesn't happen that way. An interesting fact about the first day of autumn is that one can see the sun go directly overhead. Another surprising fact is that it is only during both the equinoxes that the sun sets due west and rises from the east. Spring for most of the people signifies the hope and search for new meaning in life.

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i love the flowers that blossoms during spring.....
kumu at 10:57PM, Dec 30th 2014.
sally wrote:
is this true
Is it because i need to know

sally at 09:20AM, Feb 27th 2014.
is this true
sally at 09:19AM, Feb 27th 2014.
i just love spring bcz i love flowers
aashna at 09:21AM, Apr 8th 2013.
it is so annoying because you get allergies
tiffanie at 07:45PM, Mar 19th 2013.
Erin Medina
This is a fact

Children grow faster in the spring
Erin Medina at 06:42PM, Feb 12th 2013.
Actually spring is the extra sweetness based season because all trees are looking beautiful for plenty of new leap with flowers and we nature loving people are happily enjoying this seasons. But now a day’s spring season is ending in short periods.

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Lovely at 05:11AM, Sep 27th 2012.
Elizabeth Pattinson
here is a fact spring is a time when the flower blossom
Elizabeth Pattinson at 06:24PM, Apr 24th 2012.

Spring is, like, awesome, cuz, like, dude! It is, like, so, like, cool! Right? I mean, like, all of the bunnies and, like, flowers make me so, like, happy!
hohonammie at 04:56PM, Apr 8th 2012.
coolio! I love spring like a ding dong doorbell... :)
bobbledy at 04:53PM, Apr 8th 2012.
i love it
nicole at 02:50PM, Apr 19th 2011.
i love spring
nicole at 02:49PM, Apr 19th 2011.
**** this **** suck my **** i dare u ppl
angeles at 08:17PM, Mar 22nd 2011.
None of your Buissness
Spring is fun and enjoyable!

None of your Buissness at 10:06AM, Feb 28th 2011.
You can never see the sun directly overhead unless you're at the Tropic of Cancer or Capricorn, because of the tilt and curvature of the Earth.
Kaitlyn at 02:44PM, Sep 15th 2010.
like an animal!
katelynn at 02:08AM, Jun 24th 2010.
i agree with the little bug thing above me :)

Spring for most of the people signifies the hope and search for new meaning in life.

this is true i want to get pregnet before spring so i can have my baby during spring:D
katelynn at 02:06AM, Jun 24th 2010.
add more facts! this is only one.
N/A at 04:41PM, Apr 11th 2010.

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