What Does OTP Mean?

what does otp mean

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This one is a bit different, because when you see it in a GIF or MEME on Twitter or Tiktok or Facebook, it could mean one of a few different things. There are a few meanings of OTP out there.

The most common might be One True Pairing. This is generally used from the perspective of fandom – people fawning over a high profile couple or cute couple or perhaps attempting to live vicariously through the romantic life of another. Or, it could be used sarcastically to deride the SMH if we are TBH arrangement between some suspicious characters. Or maybe it’s just two buddies hanging out using marijuana and enjoying cannabis.

Example: Now that is OTP, seeing Billie Eilish and her beau like that.

Example: OTP – the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. It’s inevitable in sports like basketball they meet in the finals.

There is also One Time Password. This is more of a tech geek squad variation, like when you are referring to logging in to Google or Youtube or Yandex. It could also connect the inevitable aspect of facial recognition or use of fingerprints to unlock devices.

There is also One Time Pad and One Time Programmable.

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