What Is FOMO?

what is fomo

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out!

FOMO is vernacular used to describe the feeling one has when they think they are missing something or being left out of something. This can relate to essentially anything. Some of the more common forms of FOMO are in the context of social events, style, investing, traveling, or other economic and financial factors. People get jealous and anxious, and the internet and social media can distribute information very rapidly. FOMO breeds more FOMO.

A person can have FOMO if they see friends progress and get bigger and better jobs. A person can have FOMO when they see a stock or Bitcoin zoom higher and they think they will “miss out” if they don’t jump in now.

One might feel FOMO if people are talking about visiting a place or they see others gloating about trips they are taking by posting meaningless selfies on social media to flaunt. This can cause FOMO.

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what does fomo mean

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