The Top 3 Key Things To Organise Ahead Of Your Wedding Day

Naturally, planning a wedding day involves a plethora of multi-faceted tasks and plans that, together with your soon-to-be husband or wife, you should ideally be engaging in and financially funding together. Some of these planning tasks are entirely aesthetic or optional and if for whatever reason they do not happen or certain smaller plans fall through, there is no need to panic as they certainly won’t affect the wedding day in any way.

There are, however, some fundamental things to organise ahead of your big day that will certainly be noticed by yourself, your partner, your wedding party and even the entirety of your wedding guest list. Aside from the date, location and other fundamental elements such as food and the guest list, continue reading for the top three key things to organise ahead of the big day.

1.   The Bride’s Arrival

Whether you are planning for the bride to arrive on a horse-drawn carriage along the cobbles of the road leading to the church ala Katie Price or, perhaps slightly more impressive, a beautiful and spectacular vintage wedding car, the arrival of the bride is one of the fundamental things that should be arranged in plenty of time.

The benefits of hiring a wedding car from a reputable and established wedding car hire in london company are numerous and include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • The safe and timely arrival of the bride
  • Experienced and smartly dressed wedding chauffeurs
  • Impressing your wedding guests right from the beginning of your big day
  • Precious time spent making memories with your father on the way to the church

2.   The Wedding Guests’ Dietary Requirements

By far the easiest and affordable way of assuring that the meal items and ingredients you choose for your wedding breakfast, buffet or lunchtime sit-down feast are not going to poison or seriously injure any of your guests on your wedding day is to include a special box on the invitation.

Clearly state that you would like to know of any particular allergies or dietary requirements from each guest on your official wedding invitations and start compiling a table of important information that you will certainly need to pass on to your wedding caterers.

3.   The Wedding Rehearsal

Interestingly, more and more couples in the last few years have, for whatever reason only known to them, chosen to forgo their wedding rehearsal, probably to allow more time for planning and celebrating with their stags and hens respectively.

There is a wide plethora of reasons and benefits to upholding the tradition and having a wedding rehearsal ahead of the ceremony, which include easing you and your partner’s nerves, easing the nerves of your bridal party and groomsmen and to ensure the focus of the guests will be where it should be throughout different key points of the ceremony. Additionally, a wedding rehearsal also ensures any children who will be involved know their duties and their positions.

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