Facts To Be Aware Of When Visiting London

As Samuel Johnson once said: When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. Who can blame him, in a city with everything that both residents and visitors could ever want or need? It can become cumbersome when travelling to this metropolitan giant for the first time.

Below, we’ve outlined some basic facts to keep in mind when traveling to London for the first time as a city adventurer.

Transport Can Become A Headache

Whether you’re a small-time city dweller or a get-up-and-go traveler, there is one thing we all hate: traffic. It can be a breaking point for many holidays and it’s important to be prepared. London streets can be a nightmare when moving to and from destinations. That is why having an alternate means of transport such as premierminicabs.com is important if you are in a hurry.

For those who prefer braving the real London experience, the London Underground system is easy to use and will take you to all major tourist sites.

Avoid Busy Times At Oxford Street

With two hundred million visitors annually, Oxford street is the pinnacle of London’s shopping experience. But being the busiest shopping street in Europe, it is easy to get overwhelmed and have your experience ruined. So it pays to be prepared before setting foot in among the masses.

Always remember to avoid weekends where possible, as this is usually the busiest time. However, if push comes to shove and you need to, try to arrive as early as possible. Most shops open around 9 am and it’s important to start early and beat the weekend rush. Always remember that crowds also draw in pickpockets, so have everything stashed away safely on your walk.

Taking In The London Sights

From its many free-to-visit museums to the joys of seeing platform nine and three-quarters for the first time, London has hundreds of sites to visit for those wanting to tour all it offers. While there are many walking tours available, it pays to have ample knowledge of what specific locations you are interested in when you plan a tour.

Among the well-known sites we’ve all heard about, there are a few weird and hidden places if you look close enough that are a delight to find. Such as the seven noses of Soho hidden around London, which is said to bring good luck to those who find them.

The Queens Cuisine

Fish and chips, bread and butter pudding, even bubble and squeak. London has an enormous selection of dishes for any foodie to enjoy. There are restaurants in almost every part of London, whether it be a pint in the pubs of Camden market or a roast dinner in The Strand. Knowing the areas you will visit and the food venues available to you can be a make-or-break experience on your journey. With that being said, a little research on all the cuisine options available to you is a must.

So, now that you’ve packed your favorite tea and are ready to meet Her Royal Highness, it’s time to join the citizens of London on your next big journey.

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