When Does Spring Training Start?

red sox spring training

When Does Spring Training Start?

Spring Training occurs every year starting in February.  Major League Baseball teams converge on both Florida and Arizona with expanded rosters and hopefully not expanded waistlines from the several weeks off since the regular season conclusion.  Spring Training generally starts when “pitchers and catchers report” which is typically a few days before the remainder of the team and position players arrive.  Pitchers and catchers usually arrive the first or second week of February.  Teams begin playing exhibition games towards the end of February and that lasts until the end of March.

red sox spring training

MLB Spring Training

Generally speaking the teams from the Eastern half of the country go to Florida for Spring Training.  The teams from the Western half tend to go to Arizona and the Phoenix metro region, though there is no law or rule.  It is a matter of preference.  Red Sox Spring Training takes place in Florida.  Dodgers Spring Training is in Arizona.  Cubs Spring Training is also in Arizona.  Yankees Spring Training is in Florida.  Each team has its own little headquarters and setup that they use every year.  Fans can find the SF Giants, NY Mets, Houston Astros, Colorado Rockies, and all of their favorite teams in either Florida or Arizona.

red sox spring training

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Today’s Spring Training Pictures. from SFGiants

My Dodgers and White Sox spring training pictures, the best baseball pictures I’ve taken to date. from baseball



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