Baseball Facts

baseball facts

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Facts About Baseball 

There are 90 feet between each base and between 3rd base and home plate.

The mound is twelve inches high.  It used to be 18 inches high but was lowered in response to pitching dominating hitting for years.

The dimensions of the outfield are not mandated by rules.  Generally speaking the center field wall is approximately 400 feet away and the left and right field lines are approximately 320 feet away from home plate.

Babe Ruth wore a leaf of cabbage under his hat to stay cool.

There are three outs in each inning per team.  A complete nine inning game has 54 outs recorded if the home team needs to go to bat in the bottom of the ninth.

If the home team is winning after eight and half innings, then do not take their at bats in the bottom of the ninth.

The Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees.

baseball facts

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