5 Ways to De-Stress

Modern life is jam-packed with various stress factors, and this can have long-lasting ill- effects on mental health and wellbeing. A larger number of people than ever before now admit to suffering from anxiety, stress, and associated mental health challenges that can make life more difficult to go through. This article provides 5 simple ways to de-stress and deal with these higher levels of stress.


Gentle, sustainable exercise is one of the best ways to keep the mind and body healthy. However, it must be an exercise that your body can handle without overstraining it, as this can lead to an injury that will do you no good. If it meets these criteria, exercise of any form is one of the best stress relievers. The exercise will cause endorphins to be released and create a feel-good sensation that cannot be ignored, hence serving to distract you from your daily stresses. Apart from raising endorphins, the process of exercising also acts as a form of meditation and improves your overall mood.


Rest and recuperation are essential for the brain and the body. A lack of sleep or the incorrect type of sleep can lead to increased stress levels. It is quite a vicious cycle as lack of sleep causes stress, yet being overly stressed makes it difficult to sleep. Forming good routines and having a set time for either a really good nap or your nightly sleep will have to be instituted to combat increased stress. If sleep is an issue, there are many natural products to consider, and many swear by a professional CBD manufacturer to provide an alternative to medication for sleep. Just ensure that whatever you use agrees with your body and isn’t likely to adversely affect your sleep patterns even further.

Have fun and laugh

Happiness is not necessarily the flip side of the coin for stress and anxiety, but finding joy and things to make you happy in life is one of the key aspects to combat and reduce stress. Regardless of whether you’re laughing at the behavior of your kids and pets, or your best sitcom quietly on your own, or giggling at a joke, this laughter and happiness serves to reduce and soothe tension. Furthermore, this is one of the best forms of exercise, considering that you have more muscles in your face associated with smiling than anywhere else. Laughter is thus one of those aspects of life that you should strive to include more of in your daily routines.

Build and Maintain Strong Relationships

Having solid close relationships allows you the ability to share your worries and stresses, and being able to do this has an immediate effect of de-stressing. Through discussion with others, it allows you to realize that no matter how bad you feel a situation is, it’s probably not that bad. It is also proven that those with stronger, closer relationships are likely to live longer and enjoy a healthier old age.

A hobby

Develop a hobby that you enjoy and find relaxing, something to do on your own or with others. Making candles, gardening, growing bonsai, and baking are recognized as some of the best pastimes to keep you in a positive frame of mind. Ensure, however that you’re not expecting perfection from your creations the first time you try, as this could have the opposite effect and cause heightened stress. A hobby is one the best ideas for a way to spend your time. There has also been a marked drive towards monetization of hobbies, and many people have now found that their simple hobby can be a moneymaker.

These expectations for the things that you do and the standards that people set themselves are arguably the main source of stress. It is thus pertinent to have ended with a means to show that expectation of self and others should be moderated and will also go towards de-stressing. No matter which of the strategies you choose to implement as your own, keep in mind that it is to relax, rather than to become an expert, to de-stress and enjoy rather than to create additional stress as you try to be the best that there can be.

Stress can be a killer, and as such, it should be taken as seriously as possible. The ideas provided in this article may seem simple, but they are the foundational protective measures that may present as lifelines for many that struggle with stress and its effects.

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