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Where Do Tarsiers Live?

Do you know the smallest primate spends its entire life on trees? Yes! It’s true. Tarsier, an unusual mammal, just keeps clinging to the trunk of the trees, even while sleeping and giving birth to the young ones. Isn’t it amazing? This nocturnal animal has large eyes, a long tail and ears with almost no hair. It is a carnivores animal and can move its ears to determine the location of the prey. The most unusual thing about this animal is its flexible neck that it can turn up to 180 degrees. Tarsier is about the size of squirrel but it has long tail . Since they can’t walk, they hop when they on ground and mark their trees with their urine.  Interesting Tarsier fact is that Tarsier is neither a monkey nor a primate.  It is something in between.

Tarsiers are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night.  There are six different species of tarsiers, but they all belong to the family of Tarsiidae.  More useful information on habitat is found here.

Philippine Tarsier

Philippines’ tarsiers are smallest of all tarsiers and their eyes are as big as their brain. These little things can commit suicide if its touched often and if attacked they do help each other.

The journal Evolution and Outreach has developed something very interesting related to these amazing creatures found mainly in Asia.  They developed a virtual reality tool that enables students to see through the eyes of a tarsier.  

philippine tarsier facts

tarsier facts

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Isolation is the secret to the population’s distinctiveness. Mating can happen for the Tarsier around 2 decades old. Considered generalist mammals, primates exhibit a broad range of characteristics.

Needless to say, taking a look at the monkeys, which are cheerfully throwing excrements at one another, it’s quite tough to think that these animals are our ancestors. They spend the majority of their life in the trees and they’re in a position to leap from one to the next. The Tarsier are extremely social and they frequently dwell in groups.

This interrupts the organic procedure for psychological wellness of the infant. Most significantly, a monkey wants a massive quantity of social interaction and attention. It requires baby tarsiers a little longer to have the ability to leap, but they are wholly mobile within a month.

Even though the cartoon character is quite simple to draw, it’s still true that you will need to adhere to all steps carefully to make sure the outcome is ideal and as cute as possible. Younger kids may also attempt to duplicate this illustration since all steps are really simple to realize. It progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Gorilla.

The eagle’s nest resembles a big platform made from sticks. Sometimes there aren’t that many insects, and sometimes there are a great deal of insects. The eagle frequently reuses the very same nesting site for many unique chicks.

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Sleepy Tarsier – Taken with my cell from Philippines

TIL the endangered Philippine tarsier, a species of primate, gets so stressed from being held in captivity, that some have been found to commit suicide. from todayilearned

Took a picture of this sleepy Tarsier today in Bohol, Philippines from aww

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