5 Interesting Facts About Clouds

interesting facts about clouds

5 Interesting Facts About Clouds

Find yourself staring up at the sky and wondering how beautiful clouds look? Most of us are guilty of this, but very few of us really know much about these atmospheric wonders to begin with. We bet you didn’t know the following 5 facts about clouds in our atmosphere

  • Clouds are white despite the sky being blue since the large water droplets in them scatter away all colors of the light spectrum equally. The sky scatters most colors, but not blue, thereby giving it its blue color.
  • Clouds can be formed in the sky as a result of wildfires and volcanic eruptions too.
  • Clouds are rather heavy. An average cumulonimbus cloud weighs around 400,000 kg.
  • Clouds are attributed with different significations across cultures. Iranians consider a cloud sky as a sign of good fortune. Of course, people can see clouds from all locations to include Boston, Hollywood, Canada, the coldest city on Earth, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Asia, and across the world and galaxy.
  • Most clouds are made of water droplets, but Cirrus clouds are made of iceLenticular clouds are another major type of clouds. 

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When you ask the average person about clouds, they may have no idea about what you are talking about. For many people, clouds are just something that they see and if they are very clear, then they cannot tell if there are clouds or not.

There are two types of clouds, thick cumulus clouds and cirrus clouds. The cirrus clouds are more difficult to form because they need to be very thin and can be torn apart by stronger wind gusts and so on. When clouds form in front of a mountain range, they are usually part of the cumulus clouds.

Because of the height of the cirrus clouds and the average air pressure is higher up, they will be dryer because the warmer air will rise to the tops of the clouds. So while the cloud canopy is standing there, it will be warm. If it were the cirrus clouds, however, it would just be cold and dry.

The cloud cover is important when you’re looking at snow and mountains and mountain ranges. The cirrus clouds are higher and when the sun comes up over the high cloud base, it makes the cirrus clouds look white because of the sunlight reflecting off of the snow and ice. This results in the white coloring of the cirrus clouds. So in other words, when you go to Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, it looks as if the clouds are white, but they really aren’t – SMH. That may seem confusing, IKR, but imagine the GIF and MEME you could make on Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube with these crazy clouds.

At Glacier valleys, this process is reversed. The cirrus clouds look as white as they could possibly look due to the low cloud level and in the beginning of the day, it is mainly cumulus clouds and they are warmer than the cirrus cloud formations.

There are ways to get to know what clouds are made of and how they are formed but sometimes, it takes us back in time to when we know the principles of our planet’s atmosphere. I am very glad that the science has come back around to understanding what the clouds are. When we do know how they are formed, we can actually make better meteorological observations and find ways to make predictions.

Even though clouds are so important, we need to understand their formation and how they are formed to better predict weather. A new invention that I just saw on TV is a system that gives us information on clouds and their formation. It really is pretty cool.

All hail to the truth and I hope that we can see the truth when it comes to clouds formation in the future. Now, let’s hope that we can get rid of all the things that are making the world so cloudy.

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