5 Interesting Facts About Clouds

interesting facts about clouds

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5 Interesting Facts About Clouds

Find yourself staring up at the sky and wondering how beautiful clouds look? Most of us are guilty of this, but very few of us really know much about these atmospheric wonders to begin with. We bet you didn’t know the following 5 facts about clouds –

  • Clouds are white despite the sky being blue since the large water droplets in them scatter away all colors of the light spectrum equally. The sky scatters most colors, but not blue, thereby giving it its blue color.
  • Clouds can be formed in the sky as a result of wildfires and volcanic eruptions too.
  • Clouds are rather heavy. An average cumulonimbus cloud weighs around 400,000 kg.
  • Clouds are attributed with different significations across cultures. Iranians consider a cloud sky as a sign of good fortune.
  • Most clouds are made of water droplets, but Cirrus clouds are made of ice.  Lenticular clouds are another major type of clouds. 

Current and compelling research takes a look at Venus and the clouds around this planet named Venus.

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