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How Old Is Josh Richards Tik Tok?

Josh Richards is a Canadian TikTok sensation. All of 18 years old, and he has already amassed a fan following that ranks in the millions. Josh has over 17 million followers on TikTok, but his fans are not limited to TikTok alone.

Is Josh Richards Canadian?

The Canadian heartthrob also enjoys a significant fan following on other social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram – much like Tyler Hoover and Anna Kanyuk TBH. Today, Josh has a lucrative modeling and acting career to boot besides his TikTok fame. He also runs a successful lineup of merchandise. But, how did it all come to start for this blue-eyed TikTok star? Let’s find out.

How Old Is Josh Richards Tik Tok?

As of mid-2020 Josh Richards was 18 years old.

Is Josh Richards Canadien?


Are Josh and Nessa Still Together?

As of June of 2020, yes as far as we can tell.

Early Life and Career

Josh Richards was born alongside siblings William and Olivia in Ontario, Canada. Josh grew up as a multi-linguist, speaking German, Italian and Hungarian, to name a few. He is also interested in sports such as lacrosse and soccer, but not so much baseball and basketball. Josh dreamed of being an actor or a musician from a young age. He wanted to entertain people, like Lizzo, Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, and Pink. In pursuit of his dreams, Josh Richards began to post his content on social media from 2010. Soon enough, he had gathered himself a sizeable following. He signed with a manager in 2017 before being partnered with TalentX Entertainment and being the recipient of his newfound acclaim. TalentX Entertainment is a management firm that is responsible for representing the biggest stars on social media contemporarily – people like Eli Tomac, Meg Donnelly, and Paul Bernon.

TikTok Fame

Josh began posting on TikTok in March 2017. In the short span of years between then and now, he has already gained more than 14 million followers and 662 million likes. Richards gained his fame on the social site based on his lip-synching videos, strange dance moves, and comic skits. The social media star also runs a second TikTok account @uhhhjosh, besides his primary account i.e., @joshrichards. @uhhhjosh also enjoys a follower base of some 2.5 million followers. Businesses are looking to TikTok and influencers as a serious channel they can use to grow their business.

The hunk is known to have expressed his views on the platform of Tiktok in interviews. He appreciates the raw medium TikTok provides users for video sharing. Richards is well aware that TikTok videos do not necessarily provide for high production value, but it is the user-engagement that matters. The audience-engagement TikTok offers is special and is also the cause for its immense popularity among youngsters. You can search on Google, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, or Ecosia and find even more that might leave you SMH.


Josh Richards has also become a pretty significant Instagram influencer since. He enjoys 3.6m followers on the ‘gram, but his work is not limited to social media alone anymore. Josh and the Gram are truly OTP.

However, recently, Josh was on the receiving end of quite an audience backlash. He flashed his audience on an Instagram Live session with another social media influencer Griffin Johnson. Richards dropped the camera to the floor and then proceeded to sit on it with his pants down. The surprise act came in for applause as well as brickbats. While some of his audience thanked the influencer for such intimate access to him, others criticized Josh for his inappropriate behavior. Many of Richard’s fans are underage, and he wasn’t sensitive about this when he shared the content. Josh Richards took to Twitter the next day to issue a formal apology about his irresponsible behavior on Instagram lives, the previous night

Hollywood Career

Josh has begun making an appearance in Hollywood movies. He starred in the role of Logan in the 2018 movie, Brother’s Keeper. He also went on to essay the character of Dillon in the 2019 film, Summertime Dropouts. Richards has also appeared in a role in the movie, The Cardinal Sin.

Are Josh and Nessa Still Together?

Josh Richards is currently in a relationship with fellow TikTok sensation, Nessa Barret. Although the couple only went public recently, it was rumored that the two had been dating each other for a while. Fans note that they’d been very frequent on each other’s TikTok handles.

Does Josh Richards Have a GF?

Also, both of them had individually revealed at some point of time about the other being their crush. In 2019, Nessa had even shared a TikTok video stating, “Josh is mine.” How much cuter can the couple get, IKR?

Other Important Facts

  • Josh Richards is currently estimated to enjoy a net worth of USD $850 thousand.
  • The TikTok star weighs approximately 70kgs.
  • Josh Richards is passionate about environmental concerns and has worked to help raise awareness with his peers on climate change issues.
  • In 2019, Josh became a member of the Sway House with other famous social media influencers like Anthony Reeves and Jaden Hossler.
  • Josh Richards nurses a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He wants to open his own business someday.

Summing Up

Vice President of TalentX Entertainment, Michael Gruen, only has words of praise for Josh. The talent manager has come across many influencers by now but believes that Josh Richards is among the most charming and smartest he has ever met. Michael is convinced that Josh is yet to taste his best successes, and he is way past the days of MySpace and Linux.

Josh Richards, too, hopes the same. He expressed regret and caution about the perils of social media fame on his recently made Twitter apology, for the Instagram Live controversy. Richards has promised his fan to work on himself and continue to provide them with material to earn their support. We sure hope so!

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Brother’s Keeper

In the next installment of The Brothers, Josh Richards is one of the main characters in the movie. He is very young and has big dreams of becoming a professional boxer like his older brother. They both live in a small house with their mother, and he has a little sister that is only five years old. We find out that Josh has an extremely rebellious streak in him and always will until he is about twelve years old. This is when his father, played by Clancy Brown, starts a boxing gym for his sons and the rest of the family. With a few minor problems, Josh and his brother, play well with others and their boxing skills to catch the attention of the professional boxing world.

As the movie progresses, Josh starts to act much more mature and becomes close to his brother, Tucker. Eventually, Josh decides to join the boxing gym. During his first week, he meets former champ, Ray Lewis. He begins sparring with Ray, and even though Ray seems to be the more skilled boxer, Josh is constantly catching his brother and knocking him out. Ray gets seriously injured and loses a great deal of money during this match. The two begin a rivalry to see who can knock the other out the quickest. Josh finally gains the confidence he needs to knock Ray out but is stopped by his mother.

Tucker comes to visit his brother and explains to him how he found out he was injured. This is where Josh loses his mother. He becomes obsessed with his dream of becoming a world champion boxer and wants to defeat his brother. However, Josh is not a fighter and is only interested in beating Tucker up for his frustrations. It is here that he realizes the value of caring for others. Tucker finds himself better off without Josh, and with the help of his friend, Jack Kinney, joins forces with Josh and trains hard to surpass Tucker.

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