What is Java and Minecraft Mods? Teaching your Kids to Program

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Minecraft has been bridging the gap of a kid’s intellectual capacity towards a better understanding of coding programs. As it provides quality entertainment, Minecraft also enables players to become innovative and creative in building their desired worlds – and TBH it creates an atmosphere where kids can use their brain and learn.

Like Roblox studio, Minecraft has unlocked open possibilities and potential. For instance, teachers have included Minecraft as their medium for teaching math concepts like ratios and proportions, logic and critical thinking, and coding. In a related study by Joan Ganz Cooney Center, 71% of teachers using digital games like Minecraft reported the improvement in student numeracy and computational thinking. Teachers suggested that teaching coding for kids helps job preparedness in STEM-related professions. While steering clear of dogma, it can help kids learn cool math stuff like parabola or the invention of zero.

Behind these successful narratives is the bedrock of Minecraft: Java and Minecraft Mods.

What is Java?

Java is a computer programming language that enables programmers to write computer instructions using English-based commands. Instead of writing complex numeric codes, Java allows you to command the programming using a high-level language. It’s been around forever just like Linux, even before the days of MySpace and early days of Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Java has advanced yet simplified features. It is accessible for free and can run on all platforms.

Java has three main features. First, it is concurrent where you can perform numerous commands rather than following strict sequencing. Second, it is class-based and an object-oriented programming language. Third, it follows the logic of “Write once, run anywhere,” where you can run Java on all supporting platforms.

Why is Java the Best Programming Language to learn to code?

Java is accessible almost everywhere: on your desktop, mobile phones, or even your laptop – and you can see tips and courses on Youtube or from a simple search on Yandex or DuckDuckGo. Otherwise stated, here are the following reasons why Java is the best programming language to learn to code:

#1 Java is easy to write and easy to run.

When you code, you need to develop a brief, broad, and comprehensive programming language to avoid further ambiguities. When using Java, the language used is simple and much more readable than C, C++, or any other programming language.

#2 Java requires your skills in typing language.

If you want to learn Python, which is another programming language, make sure to master the art in writing Java. This programming language detects minimal and unnoticed errors. Perhaps, if you are a beginner or a newbie in programs, mistakes can be inevitable. Thus, every variable that you type declares the ranges of values, which cannot be changed.

#3 Java has profound and unparalleled community support.

Since Java encompasses almost every established programming site, you are privileged to have rapid access to finding solutions to your Java-related questions. Java is a globally-known programming language, which has been engaged by thriving programmers and computer scientists from Peru to Mexico to China to Australia to Canada and beyond. That’s why the community of Java experts has been expanding in Java forums like StackOverflow to simplify your complex questions.

#4 Java is accessible for free.

It is time to debunk the myth: Java is still for free, as long as you use Oracle OpenJDK.

Oracle OpenJDK (Java Development Kit) is a by-product development of Oracle, OpenJDK, and the Java Community. It is an open-source and free implementation available for use. The computer software that support OpenJDK is FreeBSD, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X. In its ease of use, Open JDK is accessible with any application development and other source tools to improve the performance in the open-source implementation model.

#5 Java runs faster compared to other programming languages.


Java remains to be an interpreted language. Meaning, it is not a statically typed language like C++. Many tech enthusiasts have been comparing the speedy process of C++ and Java. However, most programmers have agreed that Java runs faster since its code is compiled into an intermediary form called bytecode. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) converts the bytecode into a machine code that runs on the processor. With a JVM installed, Java bytecode can run on any computer, which realizes Java’s aim to “Write Once, Run Anywhere.”

Why does Minecraft still use Java?

From the start, Markus “Notch” Petersson started to develop Minecraft as a toy project using Java. Notch has chosen and liked to write it in Java due to the simple programming language and accessible to Linux and Mac OS players.

As per the developer’s proven experience in King.com as a game developer, Notch revealed that he did action script programming, and used Java for the game verification code.

Notch suggested that Java gained more productivity compared to other programming languages. The syntax, semantics, and ambiguities of language can be resolved through vast solutions in the Java community.

How is Minecraft Mods teaching your kids to the program?

Minecraft Mods help your kid to alter and change his desired world by coding. These advanced tools add, reduce, or enhance the present feature of a Minecraft setting by introducing new game mechanics, animations, blocs, armors, and much more.

Since Minecraft works together with thousands of lines of codes, Minecraft Mods require your kid to code by applying the basic coding patterns like repetition, conditionals, functions, and variables.

Key Takeaways

Indeed, Java and Minecraft Mods are teaching your child how to code.

While Java works in a simple yet advanced computer programming language, Minecraft Mods enable your kids to code sequences and appreciate the cause-and-effect relationship of combined variables.

Java is the best programming language to learn to code because:

  1. Java is easy to write and easy to run.
  2. Java requires your skills in typing language.
  3. Java has profound and unparalleled community support.
  4. Java is accessible for free.
  5. Java runs faster compared to other programming languages.

Beyond the massive success of Minecraft, it is a time to support your kid in coding programs! Who knows SMH, maybe they carve out their own career online like Tyler Hoover, Meg Donnelly, Anna Kanyuk, and Josh Richards.

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