9 Fun Facts About Ontario You Need to Know

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Ontario in Canada is the 4th largest province, with two capitals: the province capital of Toronto, and the country’s capital of Ottawa.

Aside from being the home of the Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, and the CN tower, there are many other interesting details about this province you might not have heard of.

Here are 9 fun facts about Ontario you didn’t know about.

1. “Sorry” Is Not Admission of Guilt

Canadians say “sorry” a lot, for anything and everything. To keep people away from unnecessary legal trouble, there’s a law in Ontario with which apologizing is not considered an admission of guilt.

2. The Ontario Quintuplets Tourist Attraction

One of the most bizarre Ontario facts includes the Dionne quintuplets. They were the first quintuplets known to survive their infancy. They were taken away from their family, put in a special home built just for them, and were used as a public attraction all throughout their childhood.

3. Toronto Has Over 250 Ethnicities

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in Canada, with over 50% of residents were born outside Canada. There are 250 ethnicities, and over 170 different languages and dialects spoken.

4. Ontario Public Wolf Howling Tour

One of the most interesting facts about Ontario, Canada is the Algonquin park where you can take an organized tour and listen to wild wolves howling in unison.

5. Hamilton – the “Waterfall Capital of the World”

One of the most interesting Ontario fun facts and news is the number of waterfalls in Hamilton -over 100. The most famous Ontario waterfall is the Niagara Falls and is only an hour away from Hamilton.

6. The First-Ever NBA Game Was Held in Toronto

On November 1, 1947, during the inaugural game played between the Toronto Huskies and the New York Knickerbockers, Ossie Schectman of the Knicks scored the first points ever in NBA history.

7. The Province Is Named After Lake Ontario

The word Ontario is thought to be derived from the Huron (Wyandot) word Ontarí:io, meaning “great lake”.

8. The “Innkeepers Act”

If you don’t pay a hotel bill in Ontario, there’s a law that says the hotel can sell your horse. This is, of course, provided you have a horse. The law is called the “Innkeepers Act” and is still in full force in case you try to run away with unpaid hotel bills.

According to the law, “the innkeeper has a lien on the goods of a guest for the value or price of any food or accommodation furnished to the guest or on the guest’s account”.

9. Home to The Largest Nuclear Power Plant in the World

It’s called the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station and is so well protected that the Canadian security force that watches the power plant has won the U.S. National SWAT Championship four times.

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Ontario?

Whether you live in Canada or plan to visit this beautiful province, these fun facts about Ontario will make you smile and learn something new.

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