Snickers Bar

snickers fun size calories

Always a crowd favorite and forever delicious, just what is a Snickers Candy Bar?  How many calories are there in a Snickers Bar?  Fun size Snickers calories? What about the Snickers Mini?

Are Snickers gluten free?

snickers fun size calories

Here are some helpful facts:

  • manufactured by Mars Incorporated – an American company
  • annual sales in excess of $2 Billion
  • introduced in 1930
  • named after a horse called Snickers, a favorite horse of the Mars family
  • roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate

Snickers Original Single Nutrition:

Calories – 250

Sugar – 27 grams

Added Sugar – 25 grams

Total Fat – 12 grams

Fun Size:

Calories – 80


Nature Facts:

World Facts:

Science Facts:



Things To Do:


There are many, many variations and types of Snickers available now to include ice cream and other types.  There are also hundreds of recipes one can use with Snickers.  Enjoy!

[low-cal][keto] Snickers Bar Protein Shake from fitmeals

Snickers Candy Bar

Snickers returns as sponsor for RLCS Season 6 from RocketLeagueEsports


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