Interesting Wax Applications To Know

Interesting Wax Applications To Know

Of course, candles and crayons are some of the most popular applications for wax. There are different types of wax depending on what it is being implemented in. While some are food-grade, others are hidden in plain sight in items you’ve probably used for years. Check out these interesting wax applications to know that give us objects we otherwise would never have.


Chewing gum is made from a combination of different food-grade waxes. By using waxes with a high melting point and malleable properties, we can chew for hours without it changing form—though it may lose the added flavor. Chocolate is also often made with a food-grade paraffin wax to help maintain solidity. The wax keeps the chocolate from premature melting (ironically enough) and gives it a shiny finished appearance.


Many associate candles with wax, naturally. However, there other items that we use to enhance our rooms that are made of this substance. For example, lava lamps are popular in the hippy and boho communities. We often don’t give much thought to the squiggly blob floating around in that lightbulb heated glass bottle. Wax is the main performer in this perpetually popular source of illumination and ambiance.


Wax is considered a solid that can be liquid in an altered state until it cools again; however, some wax stays in liquid form. Some perfumes and fragrances contain a waxy substance called ambergris. Produced by the intestines of sperm whales, this wax derivative works to help the scent on your skin last longer. The preserving properties retain it.


Surprisingly enough, wax is used in the production of jewelry. You would likely never associate it with precious metal pieces, but wax is used to make the molds. It is also a vital stage in the steps for casting jewelry. Wax patterns are made, which are then put in plaster. After the plaster has hardened to that shape, the wax is melted out to allow melted metal to be poured into the cast.

There are many interesting wax applications to know. This substance serves many purposes and takes on many forms to give us the comforts we’ve grown accustomed to in life. Understanding its versatility offers a new sense of appreciation for all that it can do.

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