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what does omg mean

What Does OMG Mean?

OMG stands for “oh my god”.  This is not an official definition per se, but at this point it is well established that within the texting and social media culture OMG means Oh My God.

OMG Facts

The very first reference to OMG has little to do with texting and even technology.  An Admiral used the term in a written note to Winston Churchill according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  Admiral Fisher used the term and spelled it out in 1917 when emphasizing the razzle dazzle factor of some rumors he apparently was tracking down for Churchill, according to the OED.  Admiral Fisher thus, apparently, invented the term OMG.

Later in 1994 in an online chat room the term came up again discussing soap operas.

Examples:  “OMG, how much cannabis did you smoke?”

“OMG, did you see those huge moves in the price of Bitcoin and Tezos?”

At this point, with the blazing trail past Linux and MySpace to Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok, the use of these acronyms in a MEME or GIF is simple quite common.  Here is a list of some you might see:









what does omg mean

what does omg mean

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