Interesting Facts About Mars

interesting facts about mars

This magnificent planet has been major candidate for the science fiction movies for many decades. When we consider all the facts it is impossible to imagine that any life could exist on Mars. However, scientists believe that straight lines on Mars are evidence of ice deposits underneath the planet’s surface. The most concrete theory is that life on Mars existed billion years ago and some believe that there are remains of ancient civilization on Mars surface. The strange belief, based on Mayan studies, is that Martians fled their planet and landed on Earth (some believe that Mayans descended from Mars). Today Mars is made up of iron with largest volcano in our Solar system called Olympus Mons (see photo bellow) and largest canyon Valles Marineris, which is 2,500 miles long. Mars has two moons and scientists believe that the moon Phobos will crash into Mars in less than 50 years.

How Long Does It Take To Get To Mars?

Debris will stay in Mars atmosphere thus creating ring around the Mars similar to the Saturn’s ring. Mars has seasons like Earth. This is caused by the tilt of the planet’s axis, at a similar angle to the tilt of Earth’s axis.The Sun appears about half the size on Mars as it does from Earth. Interesting fact about Mars is that NASA sent many missions to Mars and more than half of them disappeared without trace.

facts about mars

facts about mars



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Right now Mars is closer and brighter than it’s been since 2003. It’s so bright it’s casting a reflection on the ocean as it rises. Took this two nights ago in Rhode Island from space

NASA Finds Ancient Organic Material, Mysterious Methane on Mars from space

interesting facts about mars

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  1. how the heck could all those missions dissapear w/o a trace?????????????? impossible! unless martians do exist. duh.
    luv ahja

    P.S if mayans r martians, [email protected] xplains why the they made sacrifices to the war gods. mars (named for [roman] god of war)wuz home!

  2. I am priyank shah !
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    we all have to thank you to whom who make this site.
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  3. This little “fact” page sounds very opinionated in the way it’s written. Works well and the way you’ve phrased it all sounds a bit like you’re saying scientists are wrong on a lot about Mars, when in fact, your “facts” and “scientists believe” remarks, rest wrong.


  4. The ancient sumerians were another civilization besides the mayans that believed living gods lived on mars. They also believed that they lived on two other planets besides mars and earth.

  5. I just read this and had a look on the net to confirm that a moon is going to crash into Mars in 50 years. I would really like to see that – it would be better than schumaker-levy 9 hitting Jupiter. But i found it is expected to be in 50 million years. Bugger… Unless science advances and allows me to live 50 million years when the apes would rule the Earth and kill me anyway, Ill never see it.

    Damn you for your false hope!!!

  6. maybe people should go to mars and dig for mars fossils, maybe they can find more life.. but to do that it would take another 50years?

  7. errmm.. well i love the fact that there maybe martians on Mars.I love mars, its like the most interesting planet in the solar system. it rocks! (:

  8. A lot of this is utter rubbish. Two points are, Phobos will crash into Mars in between 10 and 50 MILLION years, not 50 years. Also, only five out of forty-two missions to Mars can’t be accounted for – hardly “over half” now is it? And they haven’t “vanished without trace” either – we lost contact with them due to computer glitches and other errors, but we know they’re out there in the Solar System somewhere.

  9. Those are some interesting facts about mars. Keep them coming boys. I heard people living in mars long long time before dinosaurs on earth. I guess it is impossible to prove this fact.

  10. This website does not help at ALL! 🙁 It only has 1 paragraph!!! 🙁 did not help me at all!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

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